Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving on

How an I suppose to change? Not talking bout new year resolution cause it's like writing all the things you won't be able to achieve for the year. Trust me, always does.

I don't blame the resolution, but it's all on me. I have been dragging myself, procrastinate for months. I really mean it, MONTHS!! I should conduct my survey, which I haven't did. I should prepare my paper, which 5% in progress since last 2 months. I need to meet with ministry ppl, I haven't do that yet. Basically, I've been lazying around. Relaxing, no? Stressing, yes!

I work best under pressure, I said that. Yes, but you know how unhealthy it can be. I can't sleep well, I can't eat well. If I keep continue this, I'm gonna ruining myself soon.

So, how I need to keep up? I don't have my motivator here. Yes, my mum. If she knew what I've been doing, she'll be so pissed off. I don't wanna scare her, worry her. I've got lot to do but I'm not moving on. It feels like something been tying me down, telling me I'll be just fine. But I got nightmare thinking of it.

I need to start working, but how? I'm lost. I need to change. I need to be new me. I need to keep on moving. Seriously.

You can, Wanie. Be confident. Don't pressure yourself. Past is past. Look forward and start new. When you start moving, things fall back nicely. Trust yourself. You better than you know.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I talk bout my Fiesta baby on my previous previous post, no? Come to think bout it, I'm capable to pay for it. It's just that I think that maybe I should start helping my parents rather than spending all my money on having that pricey car. It's beautiful, of course. I can't stop envying those who owns one but my parents should be my priority. Most of my friends already started working but I'm still studying, and maybe keep studying for another 5 years. I should help them when I'm capable of doing so, no? So, I guess I'll be having Fiesta when I got my 10k salary. Or maybe not. There will be another car by the time I make that much money.

So, should I buy a more decent, proper, reasonable car or should I keep using my mum's? She's been paying for the car, and I used it for free. I should give it back to her.

So yeah, that's my prob. Nah, I've got whole lots of other stuff to worry about.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ombak Rindu review

Dah tgk Ombak Rindu? Kalau dah, ok la, kalau belom, ikot suka korang la nak tgk ke tak. So, aku rasa review ni maybe ada yg setuju, ada jgk yg membantah sgt2. Terpulang la kan. As a viewer, I would say that I'm not really satisfied with the movie. The plot is okay, the casting plak so-so, boleh la lepas, the acting part is a lil bit here and there, OST plak cam hampeh.

1. Plot

The storyline tu dah ubah sikit, tapi tak kesah sgt yang tu. Nama pun adaptasi, takkan korang nak sejibik-sejibik cam dalam novel tu kan. Tapi maybe there are crucial parts yang dorang skip, maybe lebih duration kot.

2. Casting

Maya as Izzah? It does sounds weird to me mula2 dengar. Tapi she can carry the role better than what I expected. Not perfect but acceptable. Cuma part mengaji2 tu lagunya lain cam besa kita dengar. Mmg xslh kalau lagunya lain, tapi bunyi cam pelik cket. Pronounciation plak agak boleh diimprovekan lagi tapi still forgiven la. She works hard, it's good.

3. Acting

I was kinda dissapointed with the acting. Not all, but some. For example, Datuk Sufiah yang konon2nya vicious tu. I think Azizah Mahzan can do lot better than that. I thought I was watching Putri Gunung Ledang for a moment when she talks. I don't know if she supposed to sounds like orang bangsawan dulu2 bercakap. Instead of a vicious woman she supposed to be like in the novel, I think she resembles more of a drama queen. Not vicious tapi over the top. With her over powdered face and red lipstick time halau Izzah, she started to look like Kak Limah. Pernah tgk drama korea, Boys Over Flower? Aku bayangkan mak dia cam mak si hero tu. Mmg nampak jahat giler tp tak drama queen. She's cold.

Lisa, ok. Boleh la. There's a lot that she can improves. I love Lisa, don't get me wrong but I can see how hard she tried to play the role of Mila. It doesn't look natural to me, more like she push it a lil too hard. Macam terlalu dibuat2 watak dia tu.

Aaron punya acting, ok. Nothing new sbb dah banyak sangat aku tgk watak dia yang cam tu. Nak komen lebih2 pun xtau sangat.

4. OST

Mula2 dgr ost dlm movie tu I was like, okay, sedap la jugak. Dapat la feel sedih tu. Tapi kalo asyik repeat lagu yang sama, part yang sama like 20 times in the movie, in every scene, menyampah la jugak aku dgr. Asyik2...'tuhan tolongla.....' lagi2 'tuhan tolongla...' Takde ke lagu lain? Kalau ye pun, kurangkan cket pun xpe. Ilang fokus aku bila aku dgr lagu tu. Dari awal smpai la akhir. Ada jugka lagu lain tapi lagu yang si Adira tu nyanyi la yang paling bnyak.

Ada orang tgk cerita ni sampai nangis2, abih basah tudung. Yang laki pun ada jugak yang nangis. So aku pun mesti la nak tau sedih sgt ke. Part mana yang sedih sgt tu. Tapi in the end, aku asyik ketawa sebab lakonan Azizah Mahzan tu. And part last yang Pak Dolah bgtau yang Hariz tu anak dia. Cakap je la laki Datuk Sufiah tu merayu kat dia mntak bagi anak dia, yang ko kene buat muka dia time tu kenapa. Seriously aku gelak smpai berair mata. Hahaha....maybe ada orang pelik nape aku gelak, sama la macam aku pelik nape korang nangis. Dari citer romatik, aku rasa dah boleh jadi romantik komedi dah. Tapi masing2 punya choice la kan. As one of the viewer and orang yang baca novel tu, dis is what I thought.

So kalo korang nak tgk, sila kan. Kalau rasa cam ragu2, maybe ko tggu kat Astro je la ye. So, overall rating? Aku rasa 2.5/5. Sebab aku mmg xpuas ati sgt citer ni.

Monday, November 28, 2011

marriage at 23? me?

It was kinda tension for me when I open my fb page and seeing all the congratulatory status and pics of my friends, mainly my high school mates on their engagement or wedding day. I mean, we're just 23, no? Is it me who are already too late to get married or those ppl getting married too early? My mum married when she was 23 years old, and that was 23 years ago! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them. It's just that they make me feel like I'm supposed to get married now too. Like I'm on the prime age of getting married. I'm planning to do that, earliest will be 26, latest will definitely before 30. But still, I'm only gonna finish my study when I'm 28, and that's like 5 years from now. But again, it just my planning. If it written I would get married next month, then I will.

You know what, I think the reason is I'm not ready for this kind of commitment just yet. I heard somewhere that among the reason why your 'jodoh' is late is because you, yourself are not ready. And maybe all of my other friends are ready for the responsibility. So, stop complaining about it Wanie! Just focus on your study and remember your goal!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I don't really know what makes me happy in this world.
Sometimes, things feel so real, at one moment it feel so fake.
Things that feel so rite can be so wrong.
I have no idea what I want, waking up staring at the ceiling wondering what should I do every single day.
I should get myself straight but I just don't know how.

Monday, October 31, 2011

you're right!

Looking at others busy studying for test and exam, and seeing their tension faces just put a smile on my face. Not because of I like seeing people in stress, it's just that they remind me of my days when I used to be one of them. I believe that now, no matter what, cherish the moment cause you will definitely missed it once everything come to an end.

No matter what is the situation you're in, wishing that you can escape from it and live a different life won't just guarantee that you will be happier. Facing the problem is the only solution instead of running away from it. It's not easy but nothing is impossible. I'll strive for better thing, think positive and live my life happily. And you should too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mum, I can cry now? I miss you, I miss the family. This been too hard lately, I can't find my strength to move on. It hurts, it's tiring. I wanna stop here. Everything seems different now, I don't belong here, this is not my place.

It hurts so much, I hate myself for being such a loser. Mum, I really need you to hug me now and tell me I can go through this period. I know I'm a big girl now but I need you always. I miss you. I shouldn't cry by my tears keep rolling down my cheek. I want to go 10 years back, but I can't.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

nothing in particular

Do you have bought anything and not regret it till now even though it cost you like hundreds or thousand bucks? I do. I never regret buying it, everyone envy it and told me how beautiful it is. It just made me happy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Whatever....! I can't exactly describe the things that have been bothering me. But I guess for the first time, I really wanna give up on it. I couldn't care anymore, tiring! I need space to breathe for myself. I do what I want, how I want. Ok?

Being a punching bag is tiring, exhausting! I don't care. I couldn't care less. Enough is enough, I'm not gonna follow the game anymore. Suffer yourself, ok?

Selfish Wanie, yes I am one. What to do? I don't have feelings anymore, thanks to you.

Ok. Bye!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

to you, from me with love~~

I've known you for 9 years already, we're best friend for more than 7 years. I know you inside and out, your problems, things you don't want others to know. Whatever happen, whatever you said or done, I promise myself not to let you go. I want us to be best friends forever, can we? I'll face all the ups and downs for us. For you dear, I would really want you to know, I never get mad with you, I know that you're such a nice girl, just with a little ups and down with the mood things. No one ever clean up my place like you do back then, no one listen to my problems and be there when I want to cry even if you can't understand a thing. No one let me hug you like I did with you, I can always be the kids I want to be when I'm with you and fool around. I always have other bestie but none can be like you. It hurts me to see you sad, to see you in trouble, so be happy always k? We'll be supporting big bang together forever and live together if we don't get married later. Hahaha....Nur Awatif Ahmad, I'm really very happy to ever know you and be your friend. I love you so much, you know cheer up k...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the reason why

It's been 3 years already since I start blogging. So many things I said here, some are used back to me, harsh words, mean words, things I shouldn't write. But this blog, is my virtual diary, I'm not a diary girl, but sometimes there are words I want to write. Sometimes I write with anger, sometimes with a big smiles and sometimes even with tears.

For me, it's not about traffic, extra income, followers, I don't pay attention to those things simply because I'm not good at writing. But I write my heart out, it does feel better to be able to write. When it comes to lovey dovey touchy stuff, I'll write in English, I do most of the times coz I'm comfortable with it. When I'm angry, it would be in Malay.

I enjoy reading other people's story, what happen to them everyday, what is their dream and others. This is starting a lil bit like an essay I do back then in high school but who cares? The one I hold so dear in my heart are here in the blog.

This library is getting colder, there's a lot of things for me to do. Don't really know where to start and end up writing here, typical me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

when mouth can't say it,,,,,

Sorry if the fact hurts you
I can't lie anymore
If you think that I'm a bad friend
Forgive me
It's just that I can't lie anymore
Maybe I am not a good friend to you
It's hard for me to follow you
It feels hard when I have to change myself
I always feel like that
I'm not giving excuses
Just that I don't think we see eye to eye
In most things
I pray for your success now and hereafter
If only I can tell you what I really feel
I'm sorry

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the story of life

Every post citer pasal kawen, tak penat ke? Aku penat, penat pikir and berangan, so biarla semuanya jadi macam yang dah tertulis ye tak? Jodoh tu kan kerja Tuhan, jadi tak perlu nak extremely worried plak, setiap yang berlaku tu ada hikmahnya, kan?

Tadi terlepas cakap dengan mak yang mmber housemate termasuk la anak dia ni rasa terbeban bila sambung master sebab bukan kehendak sendiri, tapi more or less terpaksa la. Tapi, aku tak bermaksud pun nak kata mak aku tu paksa, sendiri yang buat keputusan even almost 90 percent of the decision is sebab tak nak parents kecewa.

Penat belajar ni, kalo tak minat, kalo terpaksa. Tapi bila mak aku cakap, dalam dunia ni takde benda yang senang, semua benda ada kesusahan masing2. Memang betol tu sebab aku fikir, kalo aku keje pun, aku rasa aku still akan tensen. stress. Bila aku tgk kawan2 dah keje, cam best je tapi dengar jgk citer2 yang bos ni mcm2 perangai, byk keje melambak2. Bila tgk mmber yang tak keje lagi rasa cam best je still leh duk umah relax tak payah tensen wat research cam aku tp still dorang tensen sbb dorang still tak dpt keje yang sesuai. So pendek kata, bersyukur la dengan apa yang ada, sesungguhnya Tuhan tu lebih mengetahui perihal rezeki hamba-hambaNya. Terasa cam ustazah la plak...hehehe....

Anyway, hidup kena diteruskan. masa depan, takde sape yang tau. So, use each and every moment wisely coz as someone very knowledgeable used to said, the things that is the farthest from us is the past time. no one can ever turn it back. So Wanie, get back on your feet and start moving forward, there is more to life you need to discover.

Good night readers!

Monday, May 16, 2011

inner me

Seriously I really want to be a really good person, with pure heart but I can't. Sometimes I think that I'm a very awful person. I'm not a good Muslim, daughter, student, teacher, friend, sister, I'm not even a good human being. There's too much darkness in me, sometimes I feel sorry for the person all around me. I really wanna change everything but I'm just not strong enough to change myself. Guess that my heart had been trained well enough for a long time to not have heart, and to think only about myself.

I'm a cynical, dishonest, big-headed, stubborn, hot-tempered person, I just don't know if there's any good personality in me. Conflict with inner self is too tiring, too complicated. I'm sorry to everyone around me, I know my attitude hurts too many people, I'm aware of that. I try to change, to be a much more better person. I don't know if I ever be successful on doing that but I'll keep on trying. Sorry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my weekend gateaway~

I spent the whole day at Sunway Pyramid yesterday! Didn't buy much things since my plan was spoil by the lateness of my allowance! Pissed off! But still we proceed with the plan of having fun in Sunway.

I end up bought a bag, I have a lot of bags already but still I buy another one. It's pretty! To me at least, I fall in love at first sight with it. It's not expensive, still below RM100. Next, watching 2 movies at TGV. Kongsi and Priest 3D. First time watching 3D though. Weird thing is I didn't feel giddy watching the 3D movie but the normal one. I wonder why?

Kongsi is average I would say. Sam is amazing as ever, just that the story line is a lil bit boring and there are lack of continuation of the good part. When u're about to get excited and the story line seems to be great, it just fall flat. Sorry Farid, better try next time. I yawn a couple of time. Enough said.

Priest is not bad, at least I didn't yawn. It's just that it didn't offer any extra thrill, just normal action movie. Is that really how vampire look like? I stick with Edward. Anyway, there's a lot of trailer that makes me feel that I must watch the upcoming movies.

My long awaited Nur Kasih the Movie, my cous said it's great. Sekali Lagi, bring up three fave actor/actresses nowadays, Sam, Lisa and the cute Mia! Can't wait for that! Transformers, the never fail to impress movie, I really wanna watch this in 3D, it will be much more awesome! not forgetting the ever macho Aaron Aziz in KL Gangster...wahhh, so much to see....~~

And yes, BEAST is going to hold a fan meeting here in July! Money2...where to find extra money, I want to meet maknae Dong Woon who really I think look like a Malaysian! And this is how I spent my weekend~ No pics, malas nak upload any.Bye.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I wish....

Out of all the anonymous readers that been reading my post, I hope that you're one of them Mr. Y...This is the only way I can tell you how I really feel. I never want to change my number as I hope one day, you give me the chance I've been waiting. A chance to face you and apologize. I do sound pathetic, no? Forgive the silly and immature me. I'm stubborn by the way...^^

Have a good day readers!

It's May!

My first entry in May. May is here and you know what that means? It means that I'll be 23 soon enough. And I always complaint about being old day by day. I'm just ungrateful, didn't I? Well, I am. There's a lot will be happening in May. My bestie birthday, mother's day, teacher's day...

I'm confused on what to get for her, so we have decided to just ask each other what you really want to have and bought it, no need for surprise since we'll end up having headache.

A lot have been happening lately and I don't know where to start. First of all, I got my new dream baby. A smartphone! Have been thinking bout it, confused between two but I end up choosing galaxy SL. And I love it, it's perfect!

And yes, another issue. 24:7, Malaysia first kpop group. What the heck??? You guys not even fair enough to be one. By showing your body and make a love sign, you can call yourself a kpop group? The koreans gonna kill themselves if they see you guys. Just be a normal band, a Malaysian band. U guys not even Korean for god sake. So, quit it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

human that'll never satisfied with anything

This can be considered as ungrateful, since we all are called plain human, this is normal. I'm jealous of students who have to study and now struggling very hard for their final examination. Not bragging bout doesn't have to take any examination but once I left the time where I'm a student who always need to take examination, I kinda miss the feeling of struggling hard, scanning through the notes, past years exam paper, all the quizzes, discussing seriously each of the past year question, it's tiring but the satisfaction is there. I don't know if I'm weird but I really miss that.

People will think that it's so much fun when you don't have to attend any classes or take any examination so you can relax. yeah, right! I've tried it and I tell you, it's not fun especially for person who can't really straighten up their lives like me. Things that look fun at first, will not be exactly as what you expected.

When I was young, and rebellious teenager, I always wanted to study far away from home so that I can have freedom. What's more fun than freedom?!! Being able to live your life the way you want it and can be far away from your nagging parents and annoying siblings, it's heaven for god sake! Now, I realise that it does feel good for a moment but at last you begin to understand that there's no place like home. Home is where you have to listen to your parents babbling, put up with your crazy siblings but in the end, eat dinner happily together and laugh. Together with people who really cares about you, know you inside and out and accept you the way you are, that's family!

I haven't felt that quite a long time now. I miss my years as degree students struggling like crazy for examination and I miss my family very much. But my research restricts me from being where my heart wants to be. Mum, dad...I want to be with you but I can't. I'll hang on over here, I'll be back soon.

To all other students especially UiTM students who will undertake the final examination, I wish you all the best! And yes, appreciate every moment of it. Good luck!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sometimes, just sometimes I wish people can listen to others thought and feeling, then we wouldn't have to tell them in person that they suck and hurting you. It's tiring enough that you have your own problem, facing crazy psycho moody people is like taking another research again! It doesn't feel that bad but believe me, for people like me, that's like crazy!

You can't live alone, I guess that's what you have to put up with. I acted that bad also, so can't put the blame on other people, I understand how it feels when you're moody. You don't want to treat other people badly but it's uncontrollable. But still, it does hurt.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RAIN is here, but it's damn HOT!

I have like the most amazing night of my live. My first experience going to concert and it is RAIN concert! I mean like, crazy! I guess people already know how much I love kpop so it is a big thing for me. Main event is the Formula 1, but since we arrived late and so much drama going on, I don't want to remember all that. The most important thing is RAIN is in front of me, like 3meters away from me!

I'm super excited but to tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of Rain, I barely know his songs cause I first know him as an actor in Full house, the sweet drama with the very beautiful Song Hye Kyo (I wish they are really together). But who cares if I don't know all his songs, I still know some and I enjoyed myself. He's an awesome performer. His dance move is awesome, great songs, great everything! I'm being biased, I know.

But really, such a big star like him, performing in this little country, it doesn't feel like he's taking this concert lightly. I can really feel the effort he put in, and I know he give his best that night. Such a down-to-earth star, no wonder he received a lot of love from his fans.

He's hot, no? If u think so, he's ten times hotter in person!
This may sound gedik but sometimes when he sings and look at the crowd, it does feel like he look at me...*melting already*
Ji-hoon oppa, u're daebak!!!

Pardon our blur face, the back is what important!

Imagine what's gonna happen if Big Bang or 2PM come here for concert. I'll faint!

Monday, April 11, 2011

my freaking awesome day

too tired to update on my awesome today, maybe tomorrow or the day after.....but, freaking awesome!

Till next, bye. I need to sleep rite now.

Friday, April 8, 2011

rambling friday

For me, my blog is where I pour my heart, talking bout what happen in my daily life, people I met, people I love, my ups and downs. Everything bout me is here.

To my mum, thank you for your trust. This daughter of yours might not be as bright as others but one thing for sure, I won't let you down. I love you.

To my dear bestie, Atip. Thank you for being patient with my weird attitude. No one understands me like you do. Love you so much.

I have people who love me by my side. What else would I ask for? Accept for to see and meet Big Bang and 2PM, I have no other request. Heee....... ^^

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

girl and shopping

As a girl (woman makes me feel older), shopping is a MUST. Thus, I can't wait for my stuff to arrive home. What is it? Bag? Shoes? Perfume? Nope. There are seven altogether.

Big Bang's maknae, Seungri album. The songs are awesome! Truly VVIP.

If you buy Seungri VVIP album, this one is also a must. Welcome to V World. The making of this awesome album and plus other extra things just for VIP!

Welcome to V World.

Next is the leader and charismatic member of Big Bang, G-Dragon and T.O.P's album.

GD and TOP make a perfect collaboration. Funky catchy, awesome songs.

Like always, if you buy their album, so this item is also a must. Play with GD and TOP. Also making dvd of their album. Behind the scene, personal message, photobook etc etc....

Play with GD & TOP. Totally worth it.

Since all the album above are about Big Bang member, so you must also get their 4th mini album since they make a comeback after long awaited 2 years and 3 months!

Big Bang 4th Mini Album. They just getting better and better.

And they announce a special edition album with extra songs which has not been officially release yet, a few teaser of their new song has been release for their countdown. Totally a must have!

It is in green colour. It comes with a special packaging. Nice!

And last but not least, being a HOTTEST (fan for 2PM), this is also a must. Since we have no idea when we are able to watch this with our own eyes.

Can't wait for this, 2PM hwaiting!

How much are all of these cost me? Doesn't matter, its priceless!
Worth all the awesome tracks and performance.

So, this is how girl spent their money. Nope. Not all. Just me and few others. No shoes by the way. =P

Thursday, March 31, 2011

sometimes I just wish I can

My heart ache, do you know that?
For so many times, I try hard to protect what we have
You don't see that, don't you?
Can't you feel my heart?
Can't you see my pain?
It burn inside
It kills me every minute I try to ignore my own anger
Maybe I should say it in front of you
I'm tired
I want to stop trying
To be someone you always wanted
This is me
And I'm selfish
Thank you
And yes, I'm not a good friend

Sunday, March 27, 2011

aku suka kpop boys, so what?!

I'm not being biased but sometimes I think that some people just so close minded. First, I hate the impression that girls who love kpop band just love them because they're beautiful boys. Oh gosh! You guys just never know, didn't you? Each of them trained so hard for a couple of years before they debut. They sharpen their singing skills, dancing skill, that's why they're all-rounder! Yes, they have looks, so what?! Is it wrong to be beautiful boys? Their voice and songs are great too. Some even trained for 6 to 7 years before they debut as singer, and you simply said that they have no talent and just looks?!!! I'm pissed off. Sure do.

How many local artist who trained as hard as them before being a singer? 3 months? Or just by winning a reality show? I'm not saying that local artist is not good, it just that don't simply accused something you didn't know. They worked hard, they respect their senior, that's why they last long. And us? Think about it first before you say something. Take the good from their example, if not, just shut up and continue with what ever you're doing, so called singing or acting. You don't even know how to read music notes and those boys produced their own songs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

for you my dear sister

Bila time result SPM keluar je, teringat zaman dulu-dulu time amik result. Berdebar, cuak, semua ada la, tak payah cakap. Malam takleh tidor, esok plak rasa cam jalan tak pijak tanah je bila masuk pintu gate sekolah. Semua tu kenangan manis. Happy jumpa kawan-kawan, tengok result, call orang, jumpa cikgu, tahniah itu, tahniah ini.....such a happy memory of school years. Sedar tak sedar, dah 6 tahun berlalu. Time flies. For my sister yang amik result today, whatever happen, I still love you as my sister. You might not be as bright as others but I want you to know that I'm always proud of you. Future is ahead, do what you love and I'll keep supporting you. Love you, sis!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

movie review

It's time for movie review since I've watch 2 movies this week, I think I wanna share some of my comment and opinion. But, I'm not a pro so whatever, it's just the view of normal person knowing little about movies and stuff. First up is I Am Number Four. There's nothing unpredictable about the story plot, the action is ok but I wouldn't say awesome. The starting is kinda slow, the action is so late, only a few moments before it ends. All in all, I think it's ok, not bad, not awesome either. Worth watching? For person who loves action, don't raise your expectation from this movie, for person like me? Worth watching.....the hero is handsome for sure...(^_^)

Next up is Rango. The chameleon cartoon character in quest for helping the town solving their water crisis. I guess global warming does take its toll on everything. Haha...I need to remind it again that this is only my opinion, if yours different from mine, than it's fine. People view it differently. I don't even laugh that much, and I'm sleepy. The storyline is boring, since I love cute stuff and my knowledge about animal kingdom is restricted, I have no idea what animals are in the story except for chameleon, turtle, snake, eagle, apart from that...hmmm. Worth watching? Hmmm.....I think about it again. Is it because I'm serious so I didn't laugh too much? My friend laugh so hard and I can't even smile. What's wrong with you Wanie? Well, in the end, I can only give 2 stars, that's more than enough. Sorry Johnny Depp, I guess you are funnier in human form rather than a chameleon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

average me but different~~

Sometimes you just don't realize how lucky you are until someone told you their hardship on getting something and you go, "Oh, it wasn't that difficult for me", in your heart la for sure. It is always hard for me to give advise on student that you should study at least 6 hours per day, do a lot of exercises, and etc etc coz I didn't do that myself. I'm not boasting but I'm really not the type who study like crazy everyday. Most of my times I spent is for fun stuff like other normal students will do. But I got lucky that I've good teachers that make things very easy for me to understand.

I guess the problem now is not how much you study but whether you understand it or not. It's not all about memorizing, but more on emphasizing what is it actually. So far, I would say that most of the kids that I thought are very lazy to take a lil time to think bout what I teach and they end up making the same mistakes and forgetting on how to do things.

If you take a little time to think, you will save a lot of time memorizing it. You don't have to pun in fact. Some people have advantage on these kind of things but I always believe that in this world they are only two types of people, the one who was born as genius or the lazy one. God didn't create you as a stupid person, He gave you the same brain that most people have, effort is what makes you different from others.

Think about it for a moment. A message from not so brilliant or diligent me. I'm average but different.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the thought of 23 years old girl

I just open my blog today, read up on other people update. Mostly people are talking about marriage. I know I've been writing bout what other ppl been thinking bout. Marriage? At one point, I've stop thinking bout that. But when you getting older and mature day by day, future is certainly something you keep thinking of. It's harder for single ladies since we don't even have a partner. So how? Been talking bout it with my best friend, since both of us is single, she always use the term 'single since born' to describe herself though. Haha!

I want to get married for sure, but when I'm gonna be ready? I can't answer that. I'm excited bout the thought of marriage but when come to think bout the responsibility, hmmm.....I can't even take care of myself properly yet, how to take care of other people's son meh? In laws also scared me, blame the media who always portray in laws as scary as that, sometimes it does feel like a witch. I know I've been ridiculous. Haih!

Marriage is of course something beautiful and exciting but the responsibility comes with it is too huge and I don't think I'm ready yet. The thought of 23 years old girl. I'm sure I'm gonna laugh at myself if I read it back after 10 years. Hopefully by that time, I'm already married and have kids!

Monday, March 7, 2011

the big annoying 'WHEN' questions

Just visiting around the blogs which I've been followed. Reading about other people story, their views on something is quite interesting. My dear, Tikah mention something bout people and their annoying question of "when". She's right. I do feel the same way. You can never ever stop them from asking you the question as if we never achieve anything in our life.

People will keep asking me, when I'm gonna finish my study. Well, I'll make a press conference once I finish my study, ok? And yes, the favourite question of all time, when am I gonna get married? Hmmmm......if you guys have any suitable candidate for me, sure, on the spot also can. think easy is it to get married? End up with a wrong guy is a nightmare so just let me establish myself first and able to give my all to my parent.

All in all, everything is just a plan. The One up high knows better than anyone else so, if I happen to get married earlier, I'll publish the invitation card in the paper, ok? Hahaha...\(^_^)/

Really? I hope that wouldn't be my case...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


For me, the boy band in 90's are DAEBAK!!! I mean, the best! Maybe it sound cheesy now but I grew up listening to their songs and even now, when ever I heard the song, it bring back memories of childhood. The times when I'm still a student back in school, we used to have the lyric books for all the fave songs. Cut a lot of pics of them, paste it in the books. And yes, the famous name card where you can choose the layout, most of the times, it will be the boy band for sure. Still, I never got one, 3ringgit is just too expensive that time!

Name it, I love them all. They are the Bieber of my time!

They may look cheesy now in the picture but back then, they were like the hottest guys on Earth! Still hot now also....

Heart Scott! *wink wink*

N' JC! People said he's gay, but we love the song still~~~

Ok, they may not as famous as others above and not so 90's boy band, but I heart them. Ben, I love you and your hair!

And not forgetting our very own local artiste, KRU!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Me and my heart

Not gonna happen this time. Shouldn't be. I can't let it be. I guess when you are getting older, things get more complicated and serious. I'm just 23 and I already worried about so many things. That's normal. Sometimes you just don't understand the plan God has for you but I guess we can just wait and see. It's beyond the control and power of us. So, I'm gonna wait and see. There's so much to explore and I know there's more to life. I guess it's just nature. I can't even understand my heart. I have no idea what I'm whining about. Typical me.....~~~ Miss home, miss mum and dad.

And yes, Happy 23rd birthday to my dear housemate, Tuan Sharifah Mas are older than me! Have a nice birthday and we go and celebrate it later k!

Friday, February 25, 2011

friendship day, today???

the forever young at heart -A.W.A.T.I.F-

We meet by fate and chance
Together we create a beautiful memories
The one we never forget
The days with you guys
The rainbow that we paint together
It still there in my heart
As beautiful as ever

the laugh initiator -F.A.T.I.N-

The laughter that we share
The tears that we shed
It teach us to appreciate
To love and to care
To accept weakness
To know that some things are beyond words
Beyond action, but
It's there always

the last Malay girl on Earth, ahakz! -A.T.I.K.A.H-

I thank God for this chance
The day you guys cross my life path
And make me realize
That life is about sharing
Loving, caring and accepting
May this bond stay forever
And together
We'll create more colours of tomorrow

Then life
Is complete.

The rainbow of my heart -R.A.D.O.X-

Monday, February 21, 2011

this is dream come true!

It's been quite a long time since I updated the blog, not busy but lazy. It's almost the end of the month, the money is running really low and all of that can really spoil the mood... A good news has arrived! Big Bang and 2NE1 is coming here!!! Omoo......can you imagine that? A hardcore dedicated kpop fan like me will be so damn happy to hear this! Big Bang and 2NE1, even though they are not the first kpop band for me, but they are awesome. The songs are great, so great that I can listen to it 24/7! June we come~~~~

We gonna take a lot of pictures and will sing along, and probably cry due to over excitement..who cares??? To see them live is like a dream come true~~~ Can't wait! Better start saving now.... we're gonna but first class ticket for sure, so close!!!!! Yeeehaaaa............

They may be not the most handsome boy band and pretty girl group but the song is awesome!
Big Bang and 2NE1!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Experience on Valentine's Day!

What is interesting today? I've gained a new experience, I've met an absolutely brilliant person and we became friends. I like the word friends that he said. The person is a 'he'. Yes, you read it right. He's an absolutely great person, a thinker, a motivator, every word that he said is a knowledge. he made me realize that no matter what we do, don't be scared of people. Never underestimate yourself, you're a better that what you think you are. Be confident and bold. For the right reason and at the right time la.

I love this post and yes, it's for the Valentine's Day!

"If you sleep with your lover on 14th of Feb (Valentine's Day), your lover will give you good news on 21st of March (Mother's Day) and you'll gonna have kids on 14th of November (Children's Day), and if you look from the medical aspect, you're advise not to try this on ALL of your LOVERS because you'll gonna receive bad news on 1st of December (World AIDS Day). *credit*

Baby, I love you as long as you don't give me kids! Even if you did, just dump them in the drain.

Marvelous! Get the message? I don't believe in Valentine's Day, but I didn't condemn those who did, it's your choice. You got brain, use it. Option is what you created. As a Muslim, we celebrate the birth of our lover, the one and only, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. We've been missing you all this time, I pray that we'll meet in the afterlife. You're always with us, thank you for the priceless guidance and love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Love like you've never been hurt
Live like you're in heaven on Earth
Work like you don't need the money

Not my words of course, already forget who said it. Nice quote, easy to read than done. If only people can really do that, life will be much easier and simpler. You don't need quote to get you moving. It takes baby steps, I believe you know it's not as easy as it sound. I think for me, I should add something more.

Study like you never need the degree!

Yeah, sure.

Sometimes I think I fear things that should not be scared of
Sometimes I think I worried bout thing that shouldn't be worried of
Sometimes I think I believe that I think too much of ridiculous stuff
Sometimes? Nope. All the times.

Courage, courage...where are you rite now?

policeman of my heart...I heart you!

Happy 49th birthday dad! You're the best I could ever ask for. Sometimes I think you didn't treat me like your 23 years old daughter but more like a 5 years old, but anyway, I like it. Being an adult is tiresome, I love being me when I'm with you.

If I can ask for something, I'll ask a better daughter for you. I'm not the best one, and probably can never be one. But I'll promise with you, no matter what, I'll always be with you throughout my life. I remember the day I kissed your cheek before I went to sleep, I remember the day you told me that no matter hard it is, I am your priority. I remember the day your hands glide through my hair and wipe away the tears, and promise me nothing bad will happen.

I know you're not reading this but I still want to tell you how much you means to me and I love you from the day I was born until the end. There's only one king in my heart, and it's you. Thank you for being you. No words are enough to describe you, no tears are enough to show how much I miss you and love you. This is the very least I can do for you.

One thing that I scared the most is the day I break your heart with my words or my action. I pray that day will never come and let me bear in my heart and my mind of existence of such figure in my life. A father.

Let the whole world knows that I have you. The policeman of my heart! Forever....

p/s: I always think that the reason you never had a chance to be rich is because of me. Sorry dad! Heee....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so what's the big deal?

Gi Kwang is cute in Bad Girl. Jun Hyung is cool in Beautiful. Dong Woon is perfect in everything! They're my stress killer now. And yes, they're Korean, beautiful boys. So what? Their song is addicting, it's not all about the looks you know. It does play an important role, the looks I mean but if the song is no-no, than it's the end la. Kpop boys to girls are like Naruto to boys!

People said, you should support local scene. I do. But I guess instead of urging people to support them, think bout why oh why it's hard for them to survive. Is it the song? Management? I don't blame anyone but I'm tired when people start to say local ppl didn't support local music scene. It's not like dat, not for me la. It's just dat, it's lacking in something. I don't know what it is.

I'm proud to be Malaysian and if anyone offer me to change citizenship to Korean pun, I don't want to. I love korean boys, their music, but I'm still Malaysian, didn't forget where I came from yet. So instead of pointing fingers, do something, and while waiting for that, let these boys entertain me with their smiles, and yes, songs!

random thought of not-so-complicated me!

It's funny when I came to think about how things around us always happen exactly the way we want it to be but at the wrong time. How you finish your work but your lecturer forget to pick it up and said that it's ok to send it later, how you want to download thesis related to your research but the server went down, but then it can be downloaded in a blink of an eye when you just don't feel like reading it. Stuff does happen, aite?

It makes life unpredictable, so what's the point of thinking about of your future then? We'll just never know what's gonna happen next. At times, life seems to be ruthless, but when you look back and found someone who in the same situation as yours but with different mindset, it makes you wonder whether it is really that bad? Or was it actually a blessing in disguise? Who knows better rather than our creator, no?

I salute people who finds joy in doing stuff people to be precise me, think that it's hard. Nobody said that life gonna be easy. People come and go, sometimes they leave you an impression, sometimes they just passed by and forgotten. Sometimes they stay forever. Look around and stop for a moment, step back and sometimes you'll see things more clearly. But if you don't, just keep going forward, because things sometimes come from the front rather than back!

When you think only bout yourself, u're selfish, if you think bout others, u're judgmental. Face it, no one perfect, we are selfish and judgmental. Nobody's perfect. How can you balance those two? At a time, I can't. You know what? No worry, u're perfectly normal!

mixed up!

Aku rasa nak update blog tapi xtau nak citer ape, bleh? Banyak bnda yang dah jadi, ye la, camtu baru namanya idup kan? Kalau aku asyik citer pasal thesis aku yg tak pernah surut tu, aku pun da bosan rasanya, jadi selain itu, aku pun takde bnda nak citer sangat.

Bulan ni dah genap 2 tahun rupanya aku berblogging ni. Aku pun tak ingat cena aku ni leh involve bnda2 gini, agaknya time tu tgh trend, so aku pun ikot je la. Lagi pun, kalo nak arap aku tulis tangan letak dalam diari yg cam time skolah2 dlu, tak kuasa aku. Jadi baik guna teknologi yang ada ni kan.

Pe lagi ye? Hmmm....aku ada satu wish yang aku arap2 sgt akan dapat, tak kesah la dalam masa trdekat ke panjang ke tapi arap2nya sebelom aku tua la kot sbb malu kalo dah tua2 nak wat cmtu. wish tu? Biarlah rahsia dulu, dah dpt baru citer, kalo x, malu....

I wish I can talk to that person for the last time. I should do it when I got the chance before but I didn't. My ego is killing me and now, I'm hoping for one chance, only one, to tell him one thing that I've kept to myself for so long. Only then, I can say goodbye....

I'm so mixed up! I hate it, other ppl hate it, but I'm scared of the possibilities.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love K!

I'm busy but somehow I like it. I feel I did something useful with my time rather that just lying around doing nothing. I have a new student now, my dear Bieber look alike niece. Her mum asked me to help her with Math, I have no problem with it. I might not be a good teacher but I can help her a lil bit I guess. Gosh! I never thought that I will teach Math to anyone, it is the most impossible subject back in my high school but guess we can never predict what's gonna happen in future, right? The person you hate so much can be the one you love one day, just like Math!

I dream of someone last night, my love. Hehe...but I can't remember what it is, but doesn't matter, he keep me smiling all day. Love ya K! I miss you so much and please come here as soon as possible. Take care and good luck, my love will always be with you. I love you, K!

Love is like a cup of coffee. You'll be addicted. I don't like coffee but I guess you're my caffein!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sometimes, in the midst of all the works you have to do, there's a reward waiting. You're already busy as hell and yet you have to wait for some unknown strangers to setup the Unifi at your house. Not to mention barely alone, it's suck. But, then...hmmm.....not bad. Worth the waiting and all. Enough to make me smile watching them, 3 of them.

I'm just rambling nonsense now. Tired of reading and writing thesis. Need a break and those guys just suddenly appear in my mind and made my day. Crush!

Can't wait to hang out with the girl who remind me of Beyonce, Hana....come home fast, tell me all the big stories.

my fave!

I can watch NCIS like forever! FOX been showing non-stop NCIS everyday and most of the times, the same episode but I can still watch it anyway. The casts are awesome, I can't choose any fave among them. It wouldn't be NCIS if one of them is missing. Yes, I heart it so very much!

Gibbs is cool. Tony is crazy and funny. Ziva is hot. McGee is brilliantly geek, awesome. Abby is unique. Ducky is so full of philosophy. Awesome, super duper team. Love them. Can't wait for new season tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss them!

I miss my mum! My dad! My lil sisters and brother of course. I miss the times I went home and hugs her and kissed her a lot. I guess I tend to forget that she's a big girl now. To me she's always my little sister, always adik! Haih....wat to do? There's a lot of stuff going on, I can't go home now. I miss them so very much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dark time now for a brighter future tomorrow....=)

Ok now it's time to get serious. I'm so run out of time due to my laziness. Who to blame? No one other than myself. So many things to read, so many things to understand and learn within such a short period. (Actually, with my laziness, no amount of time will be enough!). Now I realize how simple my life is during my Bachelor degree time compared to now. So many people to meet and contact, so many places I need to go to, so many everything!

It will be the hardest time of my life now but I guess this is a valuable experience. And I know somehow, I'll make it through this and look back and said, "Well Wanie, you're really a grown up now." Everything will fall apart once I give up so, let's go Wanie! Gather your strength and you'll make it to the end. Yes, next year, you'll be receiving your Masters degree. InsyaAllah! It's all in you, you've got everything you need. Just endure it for a just a bit more ok?

I know I'm on the right path now! Success, here I come, wait for mummy k? =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ignorant brats!

Sometimes people are just so ignorant! I just want to have a piece and tranquil time at the library, reading and going through my journals and books which I don't always have the motivation to do so. But there are always people in the library that you'll find annoying and they didn't even realize it! And sometimes I feel like I just want to give them a piece of my mind or even better, just slap them!

Commenting about people stuff and acting like know-it-all person, reading things loudly as if other people do not know how to read them and just keep blabbering about unimportant, stupid stuff. Not too mention, singing! It's better when they just do sign language. Can I just tape their mouth?!! Especially when you sit facing them!

Patient Wanie. Maybe they never been in library before. Pity them. Not!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Patutnya post bnda ni sebaik sahaja lepas kejadian tapi disebabkan orang tm tu blom sempat datang pasang tenet jadi trpaksa la tnggu ari isnin baru citer. Dah kurang la sikit perasaan berbunga tu. Hehe...~

Akhirnya lepas 2 tahun lebih, jumpa balik orang yg selalu aku usha time karate dulu. Ni secret admire dulu, semangat nak g training karate sebab dia je. Kepada sesape yang tak tau, aku dulu amik karate ye utk 2 sem time degree dulu, tapi malas g grading. Walaupun grading kena wat kata je, bkn kumite pun. Dah namanya pun malas. Karate ni pun ade mazhab2nye, tapi kalo UiTM, ikot mazhab Shito-ryu, yang nampak lembut tapi powerful, kira gayanya banyak yg sopan santun dah lemah lembut tapi kalo attack, mmg full force la. Don't judge a karate style by its look ye. Heh!

Tapi aku still wonder nape dia blom black belt lg? Rasanya aktif jugak dia ni.

Nape aku suka tgk dia? Entah, rasanya takde la hensem pun tapi ade something kat dia yg wat aku rasa tak leh nak pandang bnda lain. Gatal! Nama pun admire kan, so bila dah jumpa kena la tangkap gambar skali. Nampak muka excited tu? Malu aku!

Excited plus malu.

Ronnie hanya senpai karate yang saya pernah admire dulu. Admire lagi skarang tapi takde la makna apa-apa pun. Cuma something yang wat aku tersenyum bila2 aku teringat. Good luck senpai! I wish you all the best for your love in karate. Bangga lak penah jadi UiTM Shito-ryu karateka.

Shito-ryu karate

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haircut anyone?

This one article in The News Straits Times attract my attention. Written by Juneita Johari. I find it amusing and at the same time makes me think about the simple thing for us but hardly impossible for other special children.

"HAIRCUTS and hairstyles have never been a simple thing in my family of three sons and a daughter.

Eldest son Omar won’t sit still for a haircut. Second son Othman insists on going blonde and keeping a mohawk. Youngest son does not want his hair cut. And my only daughter wants long, blue hair.

For my eldest, it has always been a challenge. Of course, it was much easier when he was a baby because we could manage, or rather restrict the bobbing head, but not when he grew older, not to mention stronger.

One would not have thought about such things until one is challenged with it — how to give special children haircuts.

I have tried giving Omar haircuts at home. For a long time I could not find a barber who could give him a good haircut. In those days, nearly some 20 years ago, I thought that boys went to barbers and girls to hair salons. It never occurred to me that men also sought the skills of hairstylists. So, for years, from the time Omar was a toddler to about six years, he had to suffer the untrained skills of his mama’s scissors. Omar and Othman would have what some people called the “Friar Tuck” (a character from Robin Hood) hairstyle. Some would call it the pudding-bowl haircut, others would more kindly refer to it as the “page boy”. It wasn’t so bad for Othman who eventually settled for a crew cut.

It wasn’t that I did not like my sons to look good. It was because there was not a barber I knew who was patient and kind enough for Omar, a physically and mentally challenged child who could not understand instructions such as “sit still!” He would turn to look left, right, or sharply move his head in the opposite direction when a sound attracted his attention. Also, because he had autistic tendencies, he tended to move his head from side to side, humming. Sometimes he would roll his head the way you would in warm-up exercises. He would flinch at the sound of snipping scissors or the buzz of an electric razor. His hands were never still.

If the barber’s hand was a bit too firm in holding his head still, he would let out a high-pitch shrill that could make you deaf. By that time, he would be unsettled and bad tempered, sliding off the high chair before an upset barber. Then he would roll on the floor, which was littered with snipped hair, much of which would get into his mouth, eyes and ears, or get stuck on his body. He would start scratching his face and eyes, trying to remove the hair. I always carried sanitised wet tissues, but they came in handy only up to a point. I would pay the barber his fees even though the haircut was incomplete, put Omar in the car and drive home. On a bad day, I may even get bitten, punched or kicked by Omar before managing to get him out of the barber’s and into the car. When we reached home, he would have to be quickly bathed to get those strands of hair off him.

Omar has such a thick and silky head of hair. I have gone through a few pairs of scissors, always looking for the perfect pair so I would not of cut my fingers. Quite a few times have I had my fingers nicked. I can certainly identify with Edward in the movie Edward Scissorhands, who was often plastered with band-aids. It wasn’t until I was at my hairdresser Annita’s that I found the solution. As usual Annita would ask how I was. As she lathered shampoo on me, I could feel the stress evaporating and I would tell her about Omar. She suggested that I brought Omar to her. After all, she was an experienced and skilled hairstylist. Her salon was also unisex. I brought Omar to her the very next day and witnessed her work her magic. It was not just about skill. It was the way she managed Omar. She was calm and spoke in a very soothing way. If Omar was skittish and nervous, she would calm him down. I could not remember what she said, but I did remember feeling calm. It was as though she had all the time in the world for Omar. No rush. No pressure. Before I knew it, she was done — in about half an hour, and Omar would be having a beautiful haircut. No tears, no spitting or biting, and certainly no rolling on the floor. I had tears in my eyes, so heartfelt was my appreciation and gratitude. Omar looked good and was not traumatised. From then on, we went to Annita’s for years, even though she changed her business location.

When Omar began going to the centre for special children, a group of hairdressers used to drop by to cut all the students’ hair for free every alternate month. They had wanted to do charity work and this was the way they best knew. The parents and the committee members were grateful. We looked forward to the hairdressers’ visits, and many of the children enjoyed taking part. These stood as among the simple acts of kindness that may not even occur to most of us. The children always looked good with these professional hairstyles, and for their parents, it was one task less.

Omar now gets his haircut from Mei Ling at her home salon. When Omar is unwell, Mei Ling will make house calls. And it is not just the service. Mei Ling also has a special rapport with Omar. She is calm but chatty and knows how to manage Omar. Once or twice she was caught off-guard and cut her fingers, like when Omar moved suddenly to scratch the itch on his nose. We also discovered the effectiveness of putting on a thin raincoat on Omar instead of the light plastic sheet. It has not been easy, but there is much laughter when we recall the episodes. A bad hair day is sometimes just that, bad hair. We learn through trial and error. A small but kind gesture can lighten a person’s life for quite a while."

Credit to Juneita Johari in NST, 15th Jan 2011.

I'm not sure if I can be one of those mothers. I admire them! Seriously!

p/s: thinking about getting a hair cut suddenly!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zaman muda- mudi dulu!

Baru abis layan power rangers! Gila teringat memori zaman kanak2. Power rangers dulu2 lg best dari yg baru ni, walaupun efek2 dorang takde la power cam skarang. Muka aku ni, cam budak yg tgk power rangers ke? Hakhak.....u'll never know.

Aku ni international beb, bak kata ayahanda tercinta. Ape pun leh layan janji, aku rasa best. Bdk2 yg lahir ujung2 tahun 80-an cam aku ni, mesti ingat citer2 power rangers ni. Sume time tu rasa diri ni power rangers btol2. Kalo main ngan adik, dorang kena jadik orang jahat, aku je yg leh jadik power rangers. Bongoks lak bila tringat zaman tu.

Ade gak yg lain dlu, zaman Sailormoon, Ultraman Taro, Power Rangers, Cybercop, Flashman, byk yg jepong la selalunya. Korang yg sebaya ngan aku, takyah la nak tipu kata tak tgk citer ni. Korang pun same je kan? Hehe.... Ingat g lagu opening Power Rangers dulu, go go Power Rangers, the mighty morphin power rangers! (tipu kalo korang tak ingat!)

Tok nenek pya Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Turbo next.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Hensem!

Power Rangers in Space.

Yang ni pun febret gak dulu. Flashman.

Dulu2 rasa smart btol Cybercop ni. Memang canggih abis la.

Budak2 skrang kenal Ultraman Taro? Ni la ultraman pujaan ati dulu.

Ni dak2 pompuan suka la, laki tak layan.
Dengan kuasa bulan akan menghukum mu! (trademark ayat Sailormoon)

Aku nak sewa cd cita2 ni bleh? Best plak bila dah tua bangka ni tengok cita2 kartun zaman dulu2. Ada sapa nak bg sewa? Hehehe....=P