Friday, January 28, 2011

Dark time now for a brighter future tomorrow....=)

Ok now it's time to get serious. I'm so run out of time due to my laziness. Who to blame? No one other than myself. So many things to read, so many things to understand and learn within such a short period. (Actually, with my laziness, no amount of time will be enough!). Now I realize how simple my life is during my Bachelor degree time compared to now. So many people to meet and contact, so many places I need to go to, so many everything!

It will be the hardest time of my life now but I guess this is a valuable experience. And I know somehow, I'll make it through this and look back and said, "Well Wanie, you're really a grown up now." Everything will fall apart once I give up so, let's go Wanie! Gather your strength and you'll make it to the end. Yes, next year, you'll be receiving your Masters degree. InsyaAllah! It's all in you, you've got everything you need. Just endure it for a just a bit more ok?

I know I'm on the right path now! Success, here I come, wait for mummy k? =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ignorant brats!

Sometimes people are just so ignorant! I just want to have a piece and tranquil time at the library, reading and going through my journals and books which I don't always have the motivation to do so. But there are always people in the library that you'll find annoying and they didn't even realize it! And sometimes I feel like I just want to give them a piece of my mind or even better, just slap them!

Commenting about people stuff and acting like know-it-all person, reading things loudly as if other people do not know how to read them and just keep blabbering about unimportant, stupid stuff. Not too mention, singing! It's better when they just do sign language. Can I just tape their mouth?!! Especially when you sit facing them!

Patient Wanie. Maybe they never been in library before. Pity them. Not!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Patutnya post bnda ni sebaik sahaja lepas kejadian tapi disebabkan orang tm tu blom sempat datang pasang tenet jadi trpaksa la tnggu ari isnin baru citer. Dah kurang la sikit perasaan berbunga tu. Hehe...~

Akhirnya lepas 2 tahun lebih, jumpa balik orang yg selalu aku usha time karate dulu. Ni secret admire dulu, semangat nak g training karate sebab dia je. Kepada sesape yang tak tau, aku dulu amik karate ye utk 2 sem time degree dulu, tapi malas g grading. Walaupun grading kena wat kata je, bkn kumite pun. Dah namanya pun malas. Karate ni pun ade mazhab2nye, tapi kalo UiTM, ikot mazhab Shito-ryu, yang nampak lembut tapi powerful, kira gayanya banyak yg sopan santun dah lemah lembut tapi kalo attack, mmg full force la. Don't judge a karate style by its look ye. Heh!

Tapi aku still wonder nape dia blom black belt lg? Rasanya aktif jugak dia ni.

Nape aku suka tgk dia? Entah, rasanya takde la hensem pun tapi ade something kat dia yg wat aku rasa tak leh nak pandang bnda lain. Gatal! Nama pun admire kan, so bila dah jumpa kena la tangkap gambar skali. Nampak muka excited tu? Malu aku!

Excited plus malu.

Ronnie hanya senpai karate yang saya pernah admire dulu. Admire lagi skarang tapi takde la makna apa-apa pun. Cuma something yang wat aku tersenyum bila2 aku teringat. Good luck senpai! I wish you all the best for your love in karate. Bangga lak penah jadi UiTM Shito-ryu karateka.

Shito-ryu karate

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Haircut anyone?

This one article in The News Straits Times attract my attention. Written by Juneita Johari. I find it amusing and at the same time makes me think about the simple thing for us but hardly impossible for other special children.

"HAIRCUTS and hairstyles have never been a simple thing in my family of three sons and a daughter.

Eldest son Omar won’t sit still for a haircut. Second son Othman insists on going blonde and keeping a mohawk. Youngest son does not want his hair cut. And my only daughter wants long, blue hair.

For my eldest, it has always been a challenge. Of course, it was much easier when he was a baby because we could manage, or rather restrict the bobbing head, but not when he grew older, not to mention stronger.

One would not have thought about such things until one is challenged with it — how to give special children haircuts.

I have tried giving Omar haircuts at home. For a long time I could not find a barber who could give him a good haircut. In those days, nearly some 20 years ago, I thought that boys went to barbers and girls to hair salons. It never occurred to me that men also sought the skills of hairstylists. So, for years, from the time Omar was a toddler to about six years, he had to suffer the untrained skills of his mama’s scissors. Omar and Othman would have what some people called the “Friar Tuck” (a character from Robin Hood) hairstyle. Some would call it the pudding-bowl haircut, others would more kindly refer to it as the “page boy”. It wasn’t so bad for Othman who eventually settled for a crew cut.

It wasn’t that I did not like my sons to look good. It was because there was not a barber I knew who was patient and kind enough for Omar, a physically and mentally challenged child who could not understand instructions such as “sit still!” He would turn to look left, right, or sharply move his head in the opposite direction when a sound attracted his attention. Also, because he had autistic tendencies, he tended to move his head from side to side, humming. Sometimes he would roll his head the way you would in warm-up exercises. He would flinch at the sound of snipping scissors or the buzz of an electric razor. His hands were never still.

If the barber’s hand was a bit too firm in holding his head still, he would let out a high-pitch shrill that could make you deaf. By that time, he would be unsettled and bad tempered, sliding off the high chair before an upset barber. Then he would roll on the floor, which was littered with snipped hair, much of which would get into his mouth, eyes and ears, or get stuck on his body. He would start scratching his face and eyes, trying to remove the hair. I always carried sanitised wet tissues, but they came in handy only up to a point. I would pay the barber his fees even though the haircut was incomplete, put Omar in the car and drive home. On a bad day, I may even get bitten, punched or kicked by Omar before managing to get him out of the barber’s and into the car. When we reached home, he would have to be quickly bathed to get those strands of hair off him.

Omar has such a thick and silky head of hair. I have gone through a few pairs of scissors, always looking for the perfect pair so I would not of cut my fingers. Quite a few times have I had my fingers nicked. I can certainly identify with Edward in the movie Edward Scissorhands, who was often plastered with band-aids. It wasn’t until I was at my hairdresser Annita’s that I found the solution. As usual Annita would ask how I was. As she lathered shampoo on me, I could feel the stress evaporating and I would tell her about Omar. She suggested that I brought Omar to her. After all, she was an experienced and skilled hairstylist. Her salon was also unisex. I brought Omar to her the very next day and witnessed her work her magic. It was not just about skill. It was the way she managed Omar. She was calm and spoke in a very soothing way. If Omar was skittish and nervous, she would calm him down. I could not remember what she said, but I did remember feeling calm. It was as though she had all the time in the world for Omar. No rush. No pressure. Before I knew it, she was done — in about half an hour, and Omar would be having a beautiful haircut. No tears, no spitting or biting, and certainly no rolling on the floor. I had tears in my eyes, so heartfelt was my appreciation and gratitude. Omar looked good and was not traumatised. From then on, we went to Annita’s for years, even though she changed her business location.

When Omar began going to the centre for special children, a group of hairdressers used to drop by to cut all the students’ hair for free every alternate month. They had wanted to do charity work and this was the way they best knew. The parents and the committee members were grateful. We looked forward to the hairdressers’ visits, and many of the children enjoyed taking part. These stood as among the simple acts of kindness that may not even occur to most of us. The children always looked good with these professional hairstyles, and for their parents, it was one task less.

Omar now gets his haircut from Mei Ling at her home salon. When Omar is unwell, Mei Ling will make house calls. And it is not just the service. Mei Ling also has a special rapport with Omar. She is calm but chatty and knows how to manage Omar. Once or twice she was caught off-guard and cut her fingers, like when Omar moved suddenly to scratch the itch on his nose. We also discovered the effectiveness of putting on a thin raincoat on Omar instead of the light plastic sheet. It has not been easy, but there is much laughter when we recall the episodes. A bad hair day is sometimes just that, bad hair. We learn through trial and error. A small but kind gesture can lighten a person’s life for quite a while."

Credit to Juneita Johari in NST, 15th Jan 2011.

I'm not sure if I can be one of those mothers. I admire them! Seriously!

p/s: thinking about getting a hair cut suddenly!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Zaman muda- mudi dulu!

Baru abis layan power rangers! Gila teringat memori zaman kanak2. Power rangers dulu2 lg best dari yg baru ni, walaupun efek2 dorang takde la power cam skarang. Muka aku ni, cam budak yg tgk power rangers ke? Hakhak.....u'll never know.

Aku ni international beb, bak kata ayahanda tercinta. Ape pun leh layan janji, aku rasa best. Bdk2 yg lahir ujung2 tahun 80-an cam aku ni, mesti ingat citer2 power rangers ni. Sume time tu rasa diri ni power rangers btol2. Kalo main ngan adik, dorang kena jadik orang jahat, aku je yg leh jadik power rangers. Bongoks lak bila tringat zaman tu.

Ade gak yg lain dlu, zaman Sailormoon, Ultraman Taro, Power Rangers, Cybercop, Flashman, byk yg jepong la selalunya. Korang yg sebaya ngan aku, takyah la nak tipu kata tak tgk citer ni. Korang pun same je kan? Hehe.... Ingat g lagu opening Power Rangers dulu, go go Power Rangers, the mighty morphin power rangers! (tipu kalo korang tak ingat!)

Tok nenek pya Power Rangers.

Power Rangers Turbo next.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Hensem!

Power Rangers in Space.

Yang ni pun febret gak dulu. Flashman.

Dulu2 rasa smart btol Cybercop ni. Memang canggih abis la.

Budak2 skrang kenal Ultraman Taro? Ni la ultraman pujaan ati dulu.

Ni dak2 pompuan suka la, laki tak layan.
Dengan kuasa bulan akan menghukum mu! (trademark ayat Sailormoon)

Aku nak sewa cd cita2 ni bleh? Best plak bila dah tua bangka ni tengok cita2 kartun zaman dulu2. Ada sapa nak bg sewa? Hehehe....=P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sinking ship? Certainly not mine.

Old English proverb says "Nothing like old wine and old friend"

It's right! I don't know bout old wine but old friend is sure something you appreciate. Haha. You guys dah tua. 23 tahun! Certainly old friends.

Tetiba rindu zaman kami dulu. Geng radox, 5577. Macam2 nama ada. Nothing can replace old friendship.

Unexplainable. Unstoppable.

I really have no intention of continuing what we have before.

It's just too stressful for both of us.

Too hurtful for me, too burdensome for him.

Too hard for everyone else.

I'm just a girl. I fall in love. I break my heart.

That's just a cycle. I accept it.

Really. It's just that I wish we ended up in a better way.

Not totally disconnected. And left everything.


Sometimes I do miss the times we talk on phone.

It makes my heart beat faster and smiling in my sleep.

It's just a memory.

Sometimes it recalled itself.

Just that.

I'm sorry

Suddenly, I realize how these kind of things affect the person

Maybe, when we're the one doing it, you didn't feel it

But once, you're the subject, you'll know

No matter how awful things are, or how annoying you are

I guess it does leave a scar

I've been doing it for all this while

I've hurt so many heart with it

I'm sorry. My bad.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ini Ipin.

Khas utk seorang kawan. Terima kasih. Tiada perkataan untuk menggambarkan kami. Cuma kami gembira bersama dan saya sayang dia macam kawan baik yang lain.

Ipin. Sori curik gambar...=P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Gila cita ni! Mary Stayed Out All sgt2! Memang 2 thumbs up la. Taknak cakap banyak. Peminat drama korea, ni wajib tgk k. Tambah2 plak kalo minat Jang Geun Suk atau Kim Jae Wook.


First hero. Jang Geun Suk.

Second hero. Kim Jae Wook.

Selalunya aku tak kesah ngan second hero. Tak kesian pun tapi yang ni terasa berbelah bagi plak nak sokong sape. Satu lagi, memang tabik ngan suara Jang Geun Suk, sesuai sgt ngan lagu dalam cita ni, My Bus! Kalo dalam He's Beautiful tu kureng cket, yg dalam ni baru sedap dengar.

Sebab citer ni jugak, aku gilakan yang ni.

Samsung Galaxy S. Smart!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

random thoughts

A perfect life is impossible

No matter ow you want it to be, once you got it, there's always something more

I guess we never learn

To be contented with what we have

Problem is an never ending issue

No escape. Dead lock. Face and forget.

My curiosity sometimes killing me

I'm bad.

I'm sorry.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Beginning For A New Year!

First entry on 2011....

Hmm....takde bnda nak cerita, just that I'll be back to battlefield in Shah Alam tomorrow. There's a lot of things awaiting for me there. And of course my dear supervisor, I'll see you soon k! Sbb I nak claim elaun. Hehe! Proposal jangan tanya lagi sbb correction tak siap lagi but I promise I will finish it as soon as possible.

Malas nak banyak cakap, apa2 pun I wish everyone a happy year ahead and I'll work hard. No more playing around, pinky promise!