Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the reason why

It's been 3 years already since I start blogging. So many things I said here, some are used back to me, harsh words, mean words, things I shouldn't write. But this blog, is my virtual diary, I'm not a diary girl, but sometimes there are words I want to write. Sometimes I write with anger, sometimes with a big smiles and sometimes even with tears.

For me, it's not about traffic, extra income, followers, I don't pay attention to those things simply because I'm not good at writing. But I write my heart out, it does feel better to be able to write. When it comes to lovey dovey touchy stuff, I'll write in English, I do most of the times coz I'm comfortable with it. When I'm angry, it would be in Malay.

I enjoy reading other people's story, what happen to them everyday, what is their dream and others. This is starting a lil bit like an essay I do back then in high school but who cares? The one I hold so dear in my heart are here in the blog.

This library is getting colder, there's a lot of things for me to do. Don't really know where to start and end up writing here, typical me.