Sunday, March 6, 2011


For me, the boy band in 90's are DAEBAK!!! I mean, the best! Maybe it sound cheesy now but I grew up listening to their songs and even now, when ever I heard the song, it bring back memories of childhood. The times when I'm still a student back in school, we used to have the lyric books for all the fave songs. Cut a lot of pics of them, paste it in the books. And yes, the famous name card where you can choose the layout, most of the times, it will be the boy band for sure. Still, I never got one, 3ringgit is just too expensive that time!

Name it, I love them all. They are the Bieber of my time!

They may look cheesy now in the picture but back then, they were like the hottest guys on Earth! Still hot now also....

Heart Scott! *wink wink*

N' JC! People said he's gay, but we love the song still~~~

Ok, they may not as famous as others above and not so 90's boy band, but I heart them. Ben, I love you and your hair!

And not forgetting our very own local artiste, KRU!