Sunday, July 10, 2011

to you, from me with love~~

I've known you for 9 years already, we're best friend for more than 7 years. I know you inside and out, your problems, things you don't want others to know. Whatever happen, whatever you said or done, I promise myself not to let you go. I want us to be best friends forever, can we? I'll face all the ups and downs for us. For you dear, I would really want you to know, I never get mad with you, I know that you're such a nice girl, just with a little ups and down with the mood things. No one ever clean up my place like you do back then, no one listen to my problems and be there when I want to cry even if you can't understand a thing. No one let me hug you like I did with you, I can always be the kids I want to be when I'm with you and fool around. I always have other bestie but none can be like you. It hurts me to see you sad, to see you in trouble, so be happy always k? We'll be supporting big bang together forever and live together if we don't get married later. Hahaha....Nur Awatif Ahmad, I'm really very happy to ever know you and be your friend. I love you so much, you know cheer up k...