Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving on

How an I suppose to change? Not talking bout new year resolution cause it's like writing all the things you won't be able to achieve for the year. Trust me, always does.

I don't blame the resolution, but it's all on me. I have been dragging myself, procrastinate for months. I really mean it, MONTHS!! I should conduct my survey, which I haven't did. I should prepare my paper, which 5% in progress since last 2 months. I need to meet with ministry ppl, I haven't do that yet. Basically, I've been lazying around. Relaxing, no? Stressing, yes!

I work best under pressure, I said that. Yes, but you know how unhealthy it can be. I can't sleep well, I can't eat well. If I keep continue this, I'm gonna ruining myself soon.

So, how I need to keep up? I don't have my motivator here. Yes, my mum. If she knew what I've been doing, she'll be so pissed off. I don't wanna scare her, worry her. I've got lot to do but I'm not moving on. It feels like something been tying me down, telling me I'll be just fine. But I got nightmare thinking of it.

I need to start working, but how? I'm lost. I need to change. I need to be new me. I need to keep on moving. Seriously.

You can, Wanie. Be confident. Don't pressure yourself. Past is past. Look forward and start new. When you start moving, things fall back nicely. Trust yourself. You better than you know.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I talk bout my Fiesta baby on my previous previous post, no? Come to think bout it, I'm capable to pay for it. It's just that I think that maybe I should start helping my parents rather than spending all my money on having that pricey car. It's beautiful, of course. I can't stop envying those who owns one but my parents should be my priority. Most of my friends already started working but I'm still studying, and maybe keep studying for another 5 years. I should help them when I'm capable of doing so, no? So, I guess I'll be having Fiesta when I got my 10k salary. Or maybe not. There will be another car by the time I make that much money.

So, should I buy a more decent, proper, reasonable car or should I keep using my mum's? She's been paying for the car, and I used it for free. I should give it back to her.

So yeah, that's my prob. Nah, I've got whole lots of other stuff to worry about.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ombak Rindu review

Dah tgk Ombak Rindu? Kalau dah, ok la, kalau belom, ikot suka korang la nak tgk ke tak. So, aku rasa review ni maybe ada yg setuju, ada jgk yg membantah sgt2. Terpulang la kan. As a viewer, I would say that I'm not really satisfied with the movie. The plot is okay, the casting plak so-so, boleh la lepas, the acting part is a lil bit here and there, OST plak cam hampeh.

1. Plot

The storyline tu dah ubah sikit, tapi tak kesah sgt yang tu. Nama pun adaptasi, takkan korang nak sejibik-sejibik cam dalam novel tu kan. Tapi maybe there are crucial parts yang dorang skip, maybe lebih duration kot.

2. Casting

Maya as Izzah? It does sounds weird to me mula2 dengar. Tapi she can carry the role better than what I expected. Not perfect but acceptable. Cuma part mengaji2 tu lagunya lain cam besa kita dengar. Mmg xslh kalau lagunya lain, tapi bunyi cam pelik cket. Pronounciation plak agak boleh diimprovekan lagi tapi still forgiven la. She works hard, it's good.

3. Acting

I was kinda dissapointed with the acting. Not all, but some. For example, Datuk Sufiah yang konon2nya vicious tu. I think Azizah Mahzan can do lot better than that. I thought I was watching Putri Gunung Ledang for a moment when she talks. I don't know if she supposed to sounds like orang bangsawan dulu2 bercakap. Instead of a vicious woman she supposed to be like in the novel, I think she resembles more of a drama queen. Not vicious tapi over the top. With her over powdered face and red lipstick time halau Izzah, she started to look like Kak Limah. Pernah tgk drama korea, Boys Over Flower? Aku bayangkan mak dia cam mak si hero tu. Mmg nampak jahat giler tp tak drama queen. She's cold.

Lisa, ok. Boleh la. There's a lot that she can improves. I love Lisa, don't get me wrong but I can see how hard she tried to play the role of Mila. It doesn't look natural to me, more like she push it a lil too hard. Macam terlalu dibuat2 watak dia tu.

Aaron punya acting, ok. Nothing new sbb dah banyak sangat aku tgk watak dia yang cam tu. Nak komen lebih2 pun xtau sangat.

4. OST

Mula2 dgr ost dlm movie tu I was like, okay, sedap la jugak. Dapat la feel sedih tu. Tapi kalo asyik repeat lagu yang sama, part yang sama like 20 times in the movie, in every scene, menyampah la jugak aku dgr. Asyik2...'tuhan tolongla.....' lagi2 'tuhan tolongla...' Takde ke lagu lain? Kalau ye pun, kurangkan cket pun xpe. Ilang fokus aku bila aku dgr lagu tu. Dari awal smpai la akhir. Ada jugka lagu lain tapi lagu yang si Adira tu nyanyi la yang paling bnyak.

Ada orang tgk cerita ni sampai nangis2, abih basah tudung. Yang laki pun ada jugak yang nangis. So aku pun mesti la nak tau sedih sgt ke. Part mana yang sedih sgt tu. Tapi in the end, aku asyik ketawa sebab lakonan Azizah Mahzan tu. And part last yang Pak Dolah bgtau yang Hariz tu anak dia. Cakap je la laki Datuk Sufiah tu merayu kat dia mntak bagi anak dia, yang ko kene buat muka dia time tu kenapa. Seriously aku gelak smpai berair mata. Hahaha....maybe ada orang pelik nape aku gelak, sama la macam aku pelik nape korang nangis. Dari citer romatik, aku rasa dah boleh jadi romantik komedi dah. Tapi masing2 punya choice la kan. As one of the viewer and orang yang baca novel tu, dis is what I thought.

So kalo korang nak tgk, sila kan. Kalau rasa cam ragu2, maybe ko tggu kat Astro je la ye. So, overall rating? Aku rasa 2.5/5. Sebab aku mmg xpuas ati sgt citer ni.