Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the reason why

It's been 3 years already since I start blogging. So many things I said here, some are used back to me, harsh words, mean words, things I shouldn't write. But this blog, is my virtual diary, I'm not a diary girl, but sometimes there are words I want to write. Sometimes I write with anger, sometimes with a big smiles and sometimes even with tears.

For me, it's not about traffic, extra income, followers, I don't pay attention to those things simply because I'm not good at writing. But I write my heart out, it does feel better to be able to write. When it comes to lovey dovey touchy stuff, I'll write in English, I do most of the times coz I'm comfortable with it. When I'm angry, it would be in Malay.

I enjoy reading other people's story, what happen to them everyday, what is their dream and others. This is starting a lil bit like an essay I do back then in high school but who cares? The one I hold so dear in my heart are here in the blog.

This library is getting colder, there's a lot of things for me to do. Don't really know where to start and end up writing here, typical me.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

when mouth can't say it,,,,,

Sorry if the fact hurts you
I can't lie anymore
If you think that I'm a bad friend
Forgive me
It's just that I can't lie anymore
Maybe I am not a good friend to you
It's hard for me to follow you
It feels hard when I have to change myself
I always feel like that
I'm not giving excuses
Just that I don't think we see eye to eye
In most things
I pray for your success now and hereafter
If only I can tell you what I really feel
I'm sorry

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the story of life

Every post citer pasal kawen, tak penat ke? Aku penat, penat pikir and berangan, so biarla semuanya jadi macam yang dah tertulis ye tak? Jodoh tu kan kerja Tuhan, jadi tak perlu nak extremely worried plak, setiap yang berlaku tu ada hikmahnya, kan?

Tadi terlepas cakap dengan mak yang mmber housemate termasuk la anak dia ni rasa terbeban bila sambung master sebab bukan kehendak sendiri, tapi more or less terpaksa la. Tapi, aku tak bermaksud pun nak kata mak aku tu paksa, sendiri yang buat keputusan even almost 90 percent of the decision is sebab tak nak parents kecewa.

Penat belajar ni, kalo tak minat, kalo terpaksa. Tapi bila mak aku cakap, dalam dunia ni takde benda yang senang, semua benda ada kesusahan masing2. Memang betol tu sebab aku fikir, kalo aku keje pun, aku rasa aku still akan tensen. stress. Bila aku tgk kawan2 dah keje, cam best je tapi dengar jgk citer2 yang bos ni mcm2 perangai, byk keje melambak2. Bila tgk mmber yang tak keje lagi rasa cam best je still leh duk umah relax tak payah tensen wat research cam aku tp still dorang tensen sbb dorang still tak dpt keje yang sesuai. So pendek kata, bersyukur la dengan apa yang ada, sesungguhnya Tuhan tu lebih mengetahui perihal rezeki hamba-hambaNya. Terasa cam ustazah la plak...hehehe....

Anyway, hidup kena diteruskan. masa depan, takde sape yang tau. So, use each and every moment wisely coz as someone very knowledgeable used to said, the things that is the farthest from us is the past time. no one can ever turn it back. So Wanie, get back on your feet and start moving forward, there is more to life you need to discover.

Good night readers!