Friday, February 25, 2011

friendship day, today???

the forever young at heart -A.W.A.T.I.F-

We meet by fate and chance
Together we create a beautiful memories
The one we never forget
The days with you guys
The rainbow that we paint together
It still there in my heart
As beautiful as ever

the laugh initiator -F.A.T.I.N-

The laughter that we share
The tears that we shed
It teach us to appreciate
To love and to care
To accept weakness
To know that some things are beyond words
Beyond action, but
It's there always

the last Malay girl on Earth, ahakz! -A.T.I.K.A.H-

I thank God for this chance
The day you guys cross my life path
And make me realize
That life is about sharing
Loving, caring and accepting
May this bond stay forever
And together
We'll create more colours of tomorrow

Then life
Is complete.

The rainbow of my heart -R.A.D.O.X-