Monday, March 7, 2011

the big annoying 'WHEN' questions

Just visiting around the blogs which I've been followed. Reading about other people story, their views on something is quite interesting. My dear, Tikah mention something bout people and their annoying question of "when". She's right. I do feel the same way. You can never ever stop them from asking you the question as if we never achieve anything in our life.

People will keep asking me, when I'm gonna finish my study. Well, I'll make a press conference once I finish my study, ok? And yes, the favourite question of all time, when am I gonna get married? Hmmmm......if you guys have any suitable candidate for me, sure, on the spot also can. think easy is it to get married? End up with a wrong guy is a nightmare so just let me establish myself first and able to give my all to my parent.

All in all, everything is just a plan. The One up high knows better than anyone else so, if I happen to get married earlier, I'll publish the invitation card in the paper, ok? Hahaha...\(^_^)/

Really? I hope that wouldn't be my case...