Monday, May 16, 2011

inner me

Seriously I really want to be a really good person, with pure heart but I can't. Sometimes I think that I'm a very awful person. I'm not a good Muslim, daughter, student, teacher, friend, sister, I'm not even a good human being. There's too much darkness in me, sometimes I feel sorry for the person all around me. I really wanna change everything but I'm just not strong enough to change myself. Guess that my heart had been trained well enough for a long time to not have heart, and to think only about myself.

I'm a cynical, dishonest, big-headed, stubborn, hot-tempered person, I just don't know if there's any good personality in me. Conflict with inner self is too tiring, too complicated. I'm sorry to everyone around me, I know my attitude hurts too many people, I'm aware of that. I try to change, to be a much more better person. I don't know if I ever be successful on doing that but I'll keep on trying. Sorry.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

my weekend gateaway~

I spent the whole day at Sunway Pyramid yesterday! Didn't buy much things since my plan was spoil by the lateness of my allowance! Pissed off! But still we proceed with the plan of having fun in Sunway.

I end up bought a bag, I have a lot of bags already but still I buy another one. It's pretty! To me at least, I fall in love at first sight with it. It's not expensive, still below RM100. Next, watching 2 movies at TGV. Kongsi and Priest 3D. First time watching 3D though. Weird thing is I didn't feel giddy watching the 3D movie but the normal one. I wonder why?

Kongsi is average I would say. Sam is amazing as ever, just that the story line is a lil bit boring and there are lack of continuation of the good part. When u're about to get excited and the story line seems to be great, it just fall flat. Sorry Farid, better try next time. I yawn a couple of time. Enough said.

Priest is not bad, at least I didn't yawn. It's just that it didn't offer any extra thrill, just normal action movie. Is that really how vampire look like? I stick with Edward. Anyway, there's a lot of trailer that makes me feel that I must watch the upcoming movies.

My long awaited Nur Kasih the Movie, my cous said it's great. Sekali Lagi, bring up three fave actor/actresses nowadays, Sam, Lisa and the cute Mia! Can't wait for that! Transformers, the never fail to impress movie, I really wanna watch this in 3D, it will be much more awesome! not forgetting the ever macho Aaron Aziz in KL Gangster...wahhh, so much to see....~~

And yes, BEAST is going to hold a fan meeting here in July! Money2...where to find extra money, I want to meet maknae Dong Woon who really I think look like a Malaysian! And this is how I spent my weekend~ No pics, malas nak upload any.Bye.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I wish....

Out of all the anonymous readers that been reading my post, I hope that you're one of them Mr. Y...This is the only way I can tell you how I really feel. I never want to change my number as I hope one day, you give me the chance I've been waiting. A chance to face you and apologize. I do sound pathetic, no? Forgive the silly and immature me. I'm stubborn by the way...^^

Have a good day readers!

It's May!

My first entry in May. May is here and you know what that means? It means that I'll be 23 soon enough. And I always complaint about being old day by day. I'm just ungrateful, didn't I? Well, I am. There's a lot will be happening in May. My bestie birthday, mother's day, teacher's day...

I'm confused on what to get for her, so we have decided to just ask each other what you really want to have and bought it, no need for surprise since we'll end up having headache.

A lot have been happening lately and I don't know where to start. First of all, I got my new dream baby. A smartphone! Have been thinking bout it, confused between two but I end up choosing galaxy SL. And I love it, it's perfect!

And yes, another issue. 24:7, Malaysia first kpop group. What the heck??? You guys not even fair enough to be one. By showing your body and make a love sign, you can call yourself a kpop group? The koreans gonna kill themselves if they see you guys. Just be a normal band, a Malaysian band. U guys not even Korean for god sake. So, quit it.