Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bare with it Wanie!

Sent my first draft of research proposal! Hah! Take that....! I'm superwoman babeh! Writing proposal is my routine now, well better get used to it. It's hard to do things you don't really like. But like people used to say, if you can't change it, accept it! You gonna live with it for another 2 years.
Actually I'm so jealous of my friends yang continue their master by coursework, it does sound a lot more easier than mine. But I can't choose, not fair! Tapi tu namanya tak bersyukur. I know there's a lot more people out there who want a chance to continue theirs but can't and yet me keep whining about hard it will be and I even barely start. The negative thinking of our mind is really dangerous.
So, I try to be positive. Look on the bright side of it Wanie. Research is an independent study, you need to explore things by yourself and use it. That's what makes it hard but harder thing always gives better satisfaction. Accept it with positive mind, find the will to continue and yes, this 2 years can be a wonderful experience in my life, who knows kn? At least I don't have to work part time just to continue my study, Hana & Pia, I really admire your courage and spirit, you go girl! I wish you guys all the best in your study k....
Ok, esok balik Kedah! Yeehaa....tak sabar, I miss my family. Mak, nak makan bubur kacang hijau, bleh? Hahaha....see you guys tomorrow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Really? Is that the age?

One of my schoolmates already engaged! Fainted! I mean, we're just 22 and well, I just it's fated and I wish all the best to her. And congratulations of course.
I always want to get married early, dulu la, time budak2 sekolah yg sedang meningkat remaja dan dipenuhi fantasi lelaki2 Jepun dan Korea yg extremely cute. But as I walk along the path, things started to change, my priority start to change. Marriage is still a priority but let just say I decided to delay it for at least 5 6 years lagi. There's a lot more I want to achieve and do before I get more responsibilities. It does sound selfish when I put it that way.
Actually come to think about it, it just that I want to make sure that my parents are well taken care off and happy before it all change. Before my husband become my number one and my parents are not. I hope I found a good guy, one that can accept and love them the way I do. It just that I heard a lot of menantu yang jadi hantu after getting married and I don't want my parents to experience the same things and I ended up hurting them.
Still I got along journey to go on, lot of new thing to discover and new knowledge to learn. After this it will be a tight extra pack semester for me and few of my friends. Ganbatte! 2 years will fly in a blink of eyes and we'll make it a joyful journey.
Enjoy your life and remember that everyday is a new page in our journey of life book. Make it interesting!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fairy tales

Do you want to have/to be....

- daughter from a rich family where you can go anywhere, eat anything and buy anything you want and doesn't have to even look at the price tag and think over 1000 times about it and finally cancel it after all the hard thinking?

-beautiful and everything you put on will look so perfect and all the pictures you taken of yourself will just be so model style and photogenic?

- a super charming boyfriend whom girls and even boys will look at him and forgot to blink their eyes?

- rich, famous, elite class friends whom you hang around and anything you do with them will look so upper class even when you eat at kopitiam?

Well, guess what? I'm so not that and that kind of people really exist in this world. Jealous? Yeah, a lil bit. Regret? Nope.....I may not come from rich family but my parents love me, I may not be beautiful but I'm normal and not handicapped, I don't have boyfriend, what else super charming but at least I wouldn't be crying for them and my friends maybe normal people but I laugh with them and I'm happy!

Me and my unresolved problemo!

I'm not a great blogger, kan?'s ok sebab memang betol pun. I rarely update it, sebab malas. Haih! Malas is like a deadly disease, not in term of blogging but mostly on the education part of mine. Dari zaman sekolah sampai matrikulasi, sampai dah abih degree la, penyakit tu still ada. Ada sapa2 ada tips yg bagus to get rid of it, please do inform me ok? Heh...I need to get rid of it now coz I have few more years studying and I need to finish it well. Ok, not well but with flying bright colours, seriously have to! Research proposal is still 0% in progress, just another good job done from me! Looks like I have a long battle with this Mr. M disease.
This evening I have a date with my super nice supervisor to discuss about what topic I should focus on, to discuss my research proposal and I have nothing in my mind. Sorry prof! I need to submit my research proposal by next wednesday and yup, I'm still lazy to even start thinking of it. Oh for heaven sake Wanie! Get up, realize that you're no longer a degree student, this is serious business!
I still need to find a suitable place to rent, I need to submit the research proposal, submit the JPA scholarship form, find a way to save money and make some more and find a suitable gift for someone. Heww...that' s a lot! But for God sake, other people have bigger problem than you, so please get your butt off and start get to work and organize your life!
Tired nagging t myself, talk to you later! Daa!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OWH Life!

salam and hi!
Tadi ada mmber aku msg, citer pasal masalah dia. Kesian aku ngan dia tapi apa yang aku boleh ckp cuma sabar, jangan layan sgt perasaan tu, manusia ni mmg macam2 perangai. Aku pernah kena jadi aku faham sangat, bila orang terlalu sibuk nak masuk dalam hidup kita, sibuk nak menilai
Apa kita boleh buat? Jawapan mudah, IGNORE! Never ever fight back sbb in the end kita tak menang pun. Silent is better, trust me, dun make my mistakes. Sabar je la, aku dah malas nak cakap pasal orang. Orang tu macam ni, orang ni mcm tu, well, no one perfect! Just my advice utk manusia2 di luar sana dan diri sendiri, kadang2 bagus jangan masuk campur hal orang lain sgt, mind your own business sudah ok. And to the other party, sabar la bebanyak k! Ko tu baik, jangan risau la. Takyah nak segan2, especially ngan aku k!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One of the happiest day in my life!

Well I guess some of the UiTM students are really2 pissed off with the system. They should because the system is terrible, don't want to say the S thing. But I've got mine already, patience pay well people. Just keep trying, you'll get it.

Ok, first of all, I'm officially will continue my study next semester. I choose to continue master first, it's better and give me more solid foundation if I want to continue my PhD. Kalau ada rezeki, ade la kan. One thing at a time. Patience is a good virtue.

Ever heard of delayed gratification? It's in CLEO dis month. It's true I guess. Learn to be patient and you'll feel more satisfied than ever. Talking from experience I would say.

About my result, how would it be? Hmm....well let just said that I did my best and it pay well. Mum and dad, this one is for you. I want you guys to be the proudest parents on my convocation day. And to all my friends, thank you for all the support and love. This one is for you guys also.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can I have the golden spoon, please?

Salam and hi!

Lama tak update blog, reason why...sama ja like all the times la kan. I have a good news which in the mean times become a burden to me. Orang kata, congrats Wanie! You deserve it, I know you can do it! Entah la, I'm not bragging about myself, doesn't have intention to do so pun. Just that sometimes to make a decision is so much harder that it seems to be.

Imagine yourself in my situation, you have such a good offer, a golden opportunity which if you let go, it seems so wasteful but at the same time if you accept it, you have no idea whether you'll be able to do it. To finish it takes a lot of persistence, patience, focus, a lot of sacrifice, can I endure it? I just simply don't know. Never put myself in one situation like this so I never really know what is my real capability.

But I do believe that if things are for good, God will open up ways for you as long as you work hard. I also do believe that if you do things for the sake of parents happiness, to help people, to contribute something to your society and the most important thing is, I do it for my Lord, the one and only, you'll be just fine. I need a lot of support, prays from my parents and now it is my job to put myself to the test....nothing is impossible!

Life is full of uncertainty, nothing is easy, no matter what you do, where you go....problems and hardship are always will be your best friends. They teach you a lot of thing about life, that in the end, you'll thank them for it.

To those out there, my friends, I wish you all the best in life! Make the best out of it each moment! To tikah, good luck in Sarawak! To Hana, you'll find a good job soon, don't worry. To Nini, anda bkn muda lagi utk enjoy sahaja di rumah ok! (sebenarnya jeles sbb ko leh duk umah)....and to me, good luck girl, you'll need it a lot!

P/S: Wanie, unless you were born with golden spoon in your mouth, you need to work hard! Welcome to the real world!