Thursday, February 10, 2011

policeman of my heart...I heart you!

Happy 49th birthday dad! You're the best I could ever ask for. Sometimes I think you didn't treat me like your 23 years old daughter but more like a 5 years old, but anyway, I like it. Being an adult is tiresome, I love being me when I'm with you.

If I can ask for something, I'll ask a better daughter for you. I'm not the best one, and probably can never be one. But I'll promise with you, no matter what, I'll always be with you throughout my life. I remember the day I kissed your cheek before I went to sleep, I remember the day you told me that no matter hard it is, I am your priority. I remember the day your hands glide through my hair and wipe away the tears, and promise me nothing bad will happen.

I know you're not reading this but I still want to tell you how much you means to me and I love you from the day I was born until the end. There's only one king in my heart, and it's you. Thank you for being you. No words are enough to describe you, no tears are enough to show how much I miss you and love you. This is the very least I can do for you.

One thing that I scared the most is the day I break your heart with my words or my action. I pray that day will never come and let me bear in my heart and my mind of existence of such figure in my life. A father.

Let the whole world knows that I have you. The policeman of my heart! Forever....

p/s: I always think that the reason you never had a chance to be rich is because of me. Sorry dad! Heee....