Monday, March 14, 2011

average me but different~~

Sometimes you just don't realize how lucky you are until someone told you their hardship on getting something and you go, "Oh, it wasn't that difficult for me", in your heart la for sure. It is always hard for me to give advise on student that you should study at least 6 hours per day, do a lot of exercises, and etc etc coz I didn't do that myself. I'm not boasting but I'm really not the type who study like crazy everyday. Most of my times I spent is for fun stuff like other normal students will do. But I got lucky that I've good teachers that make things very easy for me to understand.

I guess the problem now is not how much you study but whether you understand it or not. It's not all about memorizing, but more on emphasizing what is it actually. So far, I would say that most of the kids that I thought are very lazy to take a lil time to think bout what I teach and they end up making the same mistakes and forgetting on how to do things.

If you take a little time to think, you will save a lot of time memorizing it. You don't have to pun in fact. Some people have advantage on these kind of things but I always believe that in this world they are only two types of people, the one who was born as genius or the lazy one. God didn't create you as a stupid person, He gave you the same brain that most people have, effort is what makes you different from others.

Think about it for a moment. A message from not so brilliant or diligent me. I'm average but different.