Thursday, March 31, 2011

sometimes I just wish I can

My heart ache, do you know that?
For so many times, I try hard to protect what we have
You don't see that, don't you?
Can't you feel my heart?
Can't you see my pain?
It burn inside
It kills me every minute I try to ignore my own anger
Maybe I should say it in front of you
I'm tired
I want to stop trying
To be someone you always wanted
This is me
And I'm selfish
Thank you
And yes, I'm not a good friend

Sunday, March 27, 2011

aku suka kpop boys, so what?!

I'm not being biased but sometimes I think that some people just so close minded. First, I hate the impression that girls who love kpop band just love them because they're beautiful boys. Oh gosh! You guys just never know, didn't you? Each of them trained so hard for a couple of years before they debut. They sharpen their singing skills, dancing skill, that's why they're all-rounder! Yes, they have looks, so what?! Is it wrong to be beautiful boys? Their voice and songs are great too. Some even trained for 6 to 7 years before they debut as singer, and you simply said that they have no talent and just looks?!!! I'm pissed off. Sure do.

How many local artist who trained as hard as them before being a singer? 3 months? Or just by winning a reality show? I'm not saying that local artist is not good, it just that don't simply accused something you didn't know. They worked hard, they respect their senior, that's why they last long. And us? Think about it first before you say something. Take the good from their example, if not, just shut up and continue with what ever you're doing, so called singing or acting. You don't even know how to read music notes and those boys produced their own songs.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

for you my dear sister

Bila time result SPM keluar je, teringat zaman dulu-dulu time amik result. Berdebar, cuak, semua ada la, tak payah cakap. Malam takleh tidor, esok plak rasa cam jalan tak pijak tanah je bila masuk pintu gate sekolah. Semua tu kenangan manis. Happy jumpa kawan-kawan, tengok result, call orang, jumpa cikgu, tahniah itu, tahniah ini.....such a happy memory of school years. Sedar tak sedar, dah 6 tahun berlalu. Time flies. For my sister yang amik result today, whatever happen, I still love you as my sister. You might not be as bright as others but I want you to know that I'm always proud of you. Future is ahead, do what you love and I'll keep supporting you. Love you, sis!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

movie review

It's time for movie review since I've watch 2 movies this week, I think I wanna share some of my comment and opinion. But, I'm not a pro so whatever, it's just the view of normal person knowing little about movies and stuff. First up is I Am Number Four. There's nothing unpredictable about the story plot, the action is ok but I wouldn't say awesome. The starting is kinda slow, the action is so late, only a few moments before it ends. All in all, I think it's ok, not bad, not awesome either. Worth watching? For person who loves action, don't raise your expectation from this movie, for person like me? Worth watching.....the hero is handsome for sure...(^_^)

Next up is Rango. The chameleon cartoon character in quest for helping the town solving their water crisis. I guess global warming does take its toll on everything. Haha...I need to remind it again that this is only my opinion, if yours different from mine, than it's fine. People view it differently. I don't even laugh that much, and I'm sleepy. The storyline is boring, since I love cute stuff and my knowledge about animal kingdom is restricted, I have no idea what animals are in the story except for chameleon, turtle, snake, eagle, apart from that...hmmm. Worth watching? Hmmm.....I think about it again. Is it because I'm serious so I didn't laugh too much? My friend laugh so hard and I can't even smile. What's wrong with you Wanie? Well, in the end, I can only give 2 stars, that's more than enough. Sorry Johnny Depp, I guess you are funnier in human form rather than a chameleon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

average me but different~~

Sometimes you just don't realize how lucky you are until someone told you their hardship on getting something and you go, "Oh, it wasn't that difficult for me", in your heart la for sure. It is always hard for me to give advise on student that you should study at least 6 hours per day, do a lot of exercises, and etc etc coz I didn't do that myself. I'm not boasting but I'm really not the type who study like crazy everyday. Most of my times I spent is for fun stuff like other normal students will do. But I got lucky that I've good teachers that make things very easy for me to understand.

I guess the problem now is not how much you study but whether you understand it or not. It's not all about memorizing, but more on emphasizing what is it actually. So far, I would say that most of the kids that I thought are very lazy to take a lil time to think bout what I teach and they end up making the same mistakes and forgetting on how to do things.

If you take a little time to think, you will save a lot of time memorizing it. You don't have to pun in fact. Some people have advantage on these kind of things but I always believe that in this world they are only two types of people, the one who was born as genius or the lazy one. God didn't create you as a stupid person, He gave you the same brain that most people have, effort is what makes you different from others.

Think about it for a moment. A message from not so brilliant or diligent me. I'm average but different.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the thought of 23 years old girl

I just open my blog today, read up on other people update. Mostly people are talking about marriage. I know I've been writing bout what other ppl been thinking bout. Marriage? At one point, I've stop thinking bout that. But when you getting older and mature day by day, future is certainly something you keep thinking of. It's harder for single ladies since we don't even have a partner. So how? Been talking bout it with my best friend, since both of us is single, she always use the term 'single since born' to describe herself though. Haha!

I want to get married for sure, but when I'm gonna be ready? I can't answer that. I'm excited bout the thought of marriage but when come to think bout the responsibility, hmmm.....I can't even take care of myself properly yet, how to take care of other people's son meh? In laws also scared me, blame the media who always portray in laws as scary as that, sometimes it does feel like a witch. I know I've been ridiculous. Haih!

Marriage is of course something beautiful and exciting but the responsibility comes with it is too huge and I don't think I'm ready yet. The thought of 23 years old girl. I'm sure I'm gonna laugh at myself if I read it back after 10 years. Hopefully by that time, I'm already married and have kids!

Monday, March 7, 2011

the big annoying 'WHEN' questions

Just visiting around the blogs which I've been followed. Reading about other people story, their views on something is quite interesting. My dear, Tikah mention something bout people and their annoying question of "when". She's right. I do feel the same way. You can never ever stop them from asking you the question as if we never achieve anything in our life.

People will keep asking me, when I'm gonna finish my study. Well, I'll make a press conference once I finish my study, ok? And yes, the favourite question of all time, when am I gonna get married? Hmmmm......if you guys have any suitable candidate for me, sure, on the spot also can. think easy is it to get married? End up with a wrong guy is a nightmare so just let me establish myself first and able to give my all to my parent.

All in all, everything is just a plan. The One up high knows better than anyone else so, if I happen to get married earlier, I'll publish the invitation card in the paper, ok? Hahaha...\(^_^)/

Really? I hope that wouldn't be my case...

Sunday, March 6, 2011


For me, the boy band in 90's are DAEBAK!!! I mean, the best! Maybe it sound cheesy now but I grew up listening to their songs and even now, when ever I heard the song, it bring back memories of childhood. The times when I'm still a student back in school, we used to have the lyric books for all the fave songs. Cut a lot of pics of them, paste it in the books. And yes, the famous name card where you can choose the layout, most of the times, it will be the boy band for sure. Still, I never got one, 3ringgit is just too expensive that time!

Name it, I love them all. They are the Bieber of my time!

They may look cheesy now in the picture but back then, they were like the hottest guys on Earth! Still hot now also....

Heart Scott! *wink wink*

N' JC! People said he's gay, but we love the song still~~~

Ok, they may not as famous as others above and not so 90's boy band, but I heart them. Ben, I love you and your hair!

And not forgetting our very own local artiste, KRU!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Me and my heart

Not gonna happen this time. Shouldn't be. I can't let it be. I guess when you are getting older, things get more complicated and serious. I'm just 23 and I already worried about so many things. That's normal. Sometimes you just don't understand the plan God has for you but I guess we can just wait and see. It's beyond the control and power of us. So, I'm gonna wait and see. There's so much to explore and I know there's more to life. I guess it's just nature. I can't even understand my heart. I have no idea what I'm whining about. Typical me.....~~~ Miss home, miss mum and dad.

And yes, Happy 23rd birthday to my dear housemate, Tuan Sharifah Mas are older than me! Have a nice birthday and we go and celebrate it later k!