Sunday, March 22, 2009

my story...i dun noe where d ending is..

who am i? i'm juz a girl, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student and most important is d servant to my almighty creator...i love my family, my parents, my lil sisters and lil brothers, they mean a lot to me and not forgetting my bestie, sarah who share all my pain and joy...i'm in love first with a guy name yust, my friend's cousin who i noe during my orientation when i enrol to matriculation college. He's damn hot, 3 years older than i am. He got everything a girl would ever wanted in a guy...he's tall, dark and handsome, smart, sweet talker and everything. I'm so into him but i realise one thing, i never really love him, i wanna be with him so that i can proudly said that there's something going on between us but actually both of us realise d fact that there's nothing between me and him except that he's like my brother and that's all. Slowly, i come to my sense that life has to go on and yup, i'm free from his shadow now but there's a new problem in my life, I fall for my classmate. Maybe ppl will think dat i'm easily fall for guy and i admit that i admire a lot of guys but juz dat. And dis is certainly different from everything that happen in my life before becoz i think i fall for him. we really start to noe each other about 2 months ago and i admit that i'm happy everytime i see him. He makes me smile everytime we met and i'm comfortable with him. Without realising that i start falling for him and at one point, i really think that i stand a chance with him. His housemate told me that he's never been in love before and i should be honest with him...he got a principal where he said that he will never been in love as long as he still study and i think that he got conflict with that. I prepare myself and told him that i like him and no matter what his answer gonna be, i'll accept it. But he remain silence and i'm confused...maybe he got something else in his mind rite now that is far more important than our issue here but still at least he can said something to me and not keep quiet like dis. His silence is seriously killing me...i can handle rejection, i can go on with my life coz rejection didn't hurt my dignity at all but this is so much harder to handle than rejection. I wish he said something and plz dun leave me with dis unanswered question. I can understand that he deserve someone much better than me, someone who are more qualified and suit him better but i take my chance coz when you want something, u should fight for it...whether u got it or not, dat's not the main issue but at least u're satisfied coz u already tried and u noe that the chance didn't go wasted juz like dat...i take my risk and i dun noe what will happen after dis but no matter what he will say to me, i promise myself not to ignore my study coz dat is my main priority and i promise my parents that they will see me graduate as first class honor degree holder and i wanna make them proud