Friday, February 25, 2011

friendship day, today???

the forever young at heart -A.W.A.T.I.F-

We meet by fate and chance
Together we create a beautiful memories
The one we never forget
The days with you guys
The rainbow that we paint together
It still there in my heart
As beautiful as ever

the laugh initiator -F.A.T.I.N-

The laughter that we share
The tears that we shed
It teach us to appreciate
To love and to care
To accept weakness
To know that some things are beyond words
Beyond action, but
It's there always

the last Malay girl on Earth, ahakz! -A.T.I.K.A.H-

I thank God for this chance
The day you guys cross my life path
And make me realize
That life is about sharing
Loving, caring and accepting
May this bond stay forever
And together
We'll create more colours of tomorrow

Then life
Is complete.

The rainbow of my heart -R.A.D.O.X-

Monday, February 21, 2011

this is dream come true!

It's been quite a long time since I updated the blog, not busy but lazy. It's almost the end of the month, the money is running really low and all of that can really spoil the mood... A good news has arrived! Big Bang and 2NE1 is coming here!!! Omoo......can you imagine that? A hardcore dedicated kpop fan like me will be so damn happy to hear this! Big Bang and 2NE1, even though they are not the first kpop band for me, but they are awesome. The songs are great, so great that I can listen to it 24/7! June we come~~~~

We gonna take a lot of pictures and will sing along, and probably cry due to over excitement..who cares??? To see them live is like a dream come true~~~ Can't wait! Better start saving now.... we're gonna but first class ticket for sure, so close!!!!! Yeeehaaaa............

They may be not the most handsome boy band and pretty girl group but the song is awesome!
Big Bang and 2NE1!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Experience on Valentine's Day!

What is interesting today? I've gained a new experience, I've met an absolutely brilliant person and we became friends. I like the word friends that he said. The person is a 'he'. Yes, you read it right. He's an absolutely great person, a thinker, a motivator, every word that he said is a knowledge. he made me realize that no matter what we do, don't be scared of people. Never underestimate yourself, you're a better that what you think you are. Be confident and bold. For the right reason and at the right time la.

I love this post and yes, it's for the Valentine's Day!

"If you sleep with your lover on 14th of Feb (Valentine's Day), your lover will give you good news on 21st of March (Mother's Day) and you'll gonna have kids on 14th of November (Children's Day), and if you look from the medical aspect, you're advise not to try this on ALL of your LOVERS because you'll gonna receive bad news on 1st of December (World AIDS Day). *credit*

Baby, I love you as long as you don't give me kids! Even if you did, just dump them in the drain.

Marvelous! Get the message? I don't believe in Valentine's Day, but I didn't condemn those who did, it's your choice. You got brain, use it. Option is what you created. As a Muslim, we celebrate the birth of our lover, the one and only, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. We've been missing you all this time, I pray that we'll meet in the afterlife. You're always with us, thank you for the priceless guidance and love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Love like you've never been hurt
Live like you're in heaven on Earth
Work like you don't need the money

Not my words of course, already forget who said it. Nice quote, easy to read than done. If only people can really do that, life will be much easier and simpler. You don't need quote to get you moving. It takes baby steps, I believe you know it's not as easy as it sound. I think for me, I should add something more.

Study like you never need the degree!

Yeah, sure.

Sometimes I think I fear things that should not be scared of
Sometimes I think I worried bout thing that shouldn't be worried of
Sometimes I think I believe that I think too much of ridiculous stuff
Sometimes? Nope. All the times.

Courage, courage...where are you rite now?

policeman of my heart...I heart you!

Happy 49th birthday dad! You're the best I could ever ask for. Sometimes I think you didn't treat me like your 23 years old daughter but more like a 5 years old, but anyway, I like it. Being an adult is tiresome, I love being me when I'm with you.

If I can ask for something, I'll ask a better daughter for you. I'm not the best one, and probably can never be one. But I'll promise with you, no matter what, I'll always be with you throughout my life. I remember the day I kissed your cheek before I went to sleep, I remember the day you told me that no matter hard it is, I am your priority. I remember the day your hands glide through my hair and wipe away the tears, and promise me nothing bad will happen.

I know you're not reading this but I still want to tell you how much you means to me and I love you from the day I was born until the end. There's only one king in my heart, and it's you. Thank you for being you. No words are enough to describe you, no tears are enough to show how much I miss you and love you. This is the very least I can do for you.

One thing that I scared the most is the day I break your heart with my words or my action. I pray that day will never come and let me bear in my heart and my mind of existence of such figure in my life. A father.

Let the whole world knows that I have you. The policeman of my heart! Forever....

p/s: I always think that the reason you never had a chance to be rich is because of me. Sorry dad! Heee....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so what's the big deal?

Gi Kwang is cute in Bad Girl. Jun Hyung is cool in Beautiful. Dong Woon is perfect in everything! They're my stress killer now. And yes, they're Korean, beautiful boys. So what? Their song is addicting, it's not all about the looks you know. It does play an important role, the looks I mean but if the song is no-no, than it's the end la. Kpop boys to girls are like Naruto to boys!

People said, you should support local scene. I do. But I guess instead of urging people to support them, think bout why oh why it's hard for them to survive. Is it the song? Management? I don't blame anyone but I'm tired when people start to say local ppl didn't support local music scene. It's not like dat, not for me la. It's just dat, it's lacking in something. I don't know what it is.

I'm proud to be Malaysian and if anyone offer me to change citizenship to Korean pun, I don't want to. I love korean boys, their music, but I'm still Malaysian, didn't forget where I came from yet. So instead of pointing fingers, do something, and while waiting for that, let these boys entertain me with their smiles, and yes, songs!

random thought of not-so-complicated me!

It's funny when I came to think about how things around us always happen exactly the way we want it to be but at the wrong time. How you finish your work but your lecturer forget to pick it up and said that it's ok to send it later, how you want to download thesis related to your research but the server went down, but then it can be downloaded in a blink of an eye when you just don't feel like reading it. Stuff does happen, aite?

It makes life unpredictable, so what's the point of thinking about of your future then? We'll just never know what's gonna happen next. At times, life seems to be ruthless, but when you look back and found someone who in the same situation as yours but with different mindset, it makes you wonder whether it is really that bad? Or was it actually a blessing in disguise? Who knows better rather than our creator, no?

I salute people who finds joy in doing stuff people to be precise me, think that it's hard. Nobody said that life gonna be easy. People come and go, sometimes they leave you an impression, sometimes they just passed by and forgotten. Sometimes they stay forever. Look around and stop for a moment, step back and sometimes you'll see things more clearly. But if you don't, just keep going forward, because things sometimes come from the front rather than back!

When you think only bout yourself, u're selfish, if you think bout others, u're judgmental. Face it, no one perfect, we are selfish and judgmental. Nobody's perfect. How can you balance those two? At a time, I can't. You know what? No worry, u're perfectly normal!

mixed up!

Aku rasa nak update blog tapi xtau nak citer ape, bleh? Banyak bnda yang dah jadi, ye la, camtu baru namanya idup kan? Kalau aku asyik citer pasal thesis aku yg tak pernah surut tu, aku pun da bosan rasanya, jadi selain itu, aku pun takde bnda nak citer sangat.

Bulan ni dah genap 2 tahun rupanya aku berblogging ni. Aku pun tak ingat cena aku ni leh involve bnda2 gini, agaknya time tu tgh trend, so aku pun ikot je la. Lagi pun, kalo nak arap aku tulis tangan letak dalam diari yg cam time skolah2 dlu, tak kuasa aku. Jadi baik guna teknologi yang ada ni kan.

Pe lagi ye? Hmmm....aku ada satu wish yang aku arap2 sgt akan dapat, tak kesah la dalam masa trdekat ke panjang ke tapi arap2nya sebelom aku tua la kot sbb malu kalo dah tua2 nak wat cmtu. wish tu? Biarlah rahsia dulu, dah dpt baru citer, kalo x, malu....

I wish I can talk to that person for the last time. I should do it when I got the chance before but I didn't. My ego is killing me and now, I'm hoping for one chance, only one, to tell him one thing that I've kept to myself for so long. Only then, I can say goodbye....

I'm so mixed up! I hate it, other ppl hate it, but I'm scared of the possibilities.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I love K!

I'm busy but somehow I like it. I feel I did something useful with my time rather that just lying around doing nothing. I have a new student now, my dear Bieber look alike niece. Her mum asked me to help her with Math, I have no problem with it. I might not be a good teacher but I can help her a lil bit I guess. Gosh! I never thought that I will teach Math to anyone, it is the most impossible subject back in my high school but guess we can never predict what's gonna happen in future, right? The person you hate so much can be the one you love one day, just like Math!

I dream of someone last night, my love. Hehe...but I can't remember what it is, but doesn't matter, he keep me smiling all day. Love ya K! I miss you so much and please come here as soon as possible. Take care and good luck, my love will always be with you. I love you, K!

Love is like a cup of coffee. You'll be addicted. I don't like coffee but I guess you're my caffein!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sometimes, in the midst of all the works you have to do, there's a reward waiting. You're already busy as hell and yet you have to wait for some unknown strangers to setup the Unifi at your house. Not to mention barely alone, it's suck. But, then...hmmm.....not bad. Worth the waiting and all. Enough to make me smile watching them, 3 of them.

I'm just rambling nonsense now. Tired of reading and writing thesis. Need a break and those guys just suddenly appear in my mind and made my day. Crush!

Can't wait to hang out with the girl who remind me of Beyonce, Hana....come home fast, tell me all the big stories.

my fave!

I can watch NCIS like forever! FOX been showing non-stop NCIS everyday and most of the times, the same episode but I can still watch it anyway. The casts are awesome, I can't choose any fave among them. It wouldn't be NCIS if one of them is missing. Yes, I heart it so very much!

Gibbs is cool. Tony is crazy and funny. Ziva is hot. McGee is brilliantly geek, awesome. Abby is unique. Ducky is so full of philosophy. Awesome, super duper team. Love them. Can't wait for new season tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss them!

I miss my mum! My dad! My lil sisters and brother of course. I miss the times I went home and hugs her and kissed her a lot. I guess I tend to forget that she's a big girl now. To me she's always my little sister, always adik! Haih....wat to do? There's a lot of stuff going on, I can't go home now. I miss them so very much.