Saturday, June 26, 2010

Really? Is that the age?

One of my schoolmates already engaged! Fainted! I mean, we're just 22 and well, I just it's fated and I wish all the best to her. And congratulations of course.
I always want to get married early, dulu la, time budak2 sekolah yg sedang meningkat remaja dan dipenuhi fantasi lelaki2 Jepun dan Korea yg extremely cute. But as I walk along the path, things started to change, my priority start to change. Marriage is still a priority but let just say I decided to delay it for at least 5 6 years lagi. There's a lot more I want to achieve and do before I get more responsibilities. It does sound selfish when I put it that way.
Actually come to think about it, it just that I want to make sure that my parents are well taken care off and happy before it all change. Before my husband become my number one and my parents are not. I hope I found a good guy, one that can accept and love them the way I do. It just that I heard a lot of menantu yang jadi hantu after getting married and I don't want my parents to experience the same things and I ended up hurting them.
Still I got along journey to go on, lot of new thing to discover and new knowledge to learn. After this it will be a tight extra pack semester for me and few of my friends. Ganbatte! 2 years will fly in a blink of eyes and we'll make it a joyful journey.
Enjoy your life and remember that everyday is a new page in our journey of life book. Make it interesting!