Thursday, April 15, 2010

Me and you = US!!!

6 hours lagi I'll be on the bus going back home! Wee! Sgt excited walaupun baru je balik aritu. Ok, first of all, I'm so sorry to those who read my blog, it's boring, yea. Nak wat cena, mmg xpenah ade bakat nak jadi writer plus aku ni tak pernahnya dihujani idea nak tulis bnda yang menarik.

K la, back to what I'm about to write. Final exam is just around the corner. Final exam terakhir since ni dah last sem aku and bdk2 yg seangkatan. Akhirnya! Abis jgk zaman uni ni, penat dah! Tak sabar nak keje plak tapi cam bese la, once u keje, bosan dan penat jgk. Then mula la miss zaman2 kat u, zaman kelam kabut wat assignment, zaman bz ngan test, exam bagai.

I guess semua org will miss their past. I'll miss them, my friends I made here, all the laughter and the pain we shared. All the memories, experiences that opened up my eyes to see and understand the facts of life. 

Tpi hidup ni masih panjang, umo baru nak masuk 22 tahun. There's a lot more out there waiting to be explore and learn, so c'mon guys, make the best out of your life! Tak sampai sebulan lagi, we'll say goodbye to each other. Sedih of course! 3 years together and sincerely I would say that meeting up my friends here are one of the best thing ever happen in my life. They're real friends, true friends that probably some of us out there never met even one! But lucky me, I met whole bunch of them!