Friday, April 23, 2010

FYP again?!!

Hari ni, tanggal 23hb, dah tamat la 2 paper final yang bermakna ada lagi 2 paper to finish! Exam is not the problem, never a problem sejak dari zaman sekolah g. I'm not saying that I'm brilliant and exam is never a problem for me but I have the ability to just ignore it and keep dwelling in my laziness which is kinda annoying.

Tapi, satu lagi masalah ialah Final Year Project. I guess dat banyak kali sangat mention pasal fyp ni tapi tu la, dis thing really kills me. The hardest part is about to start end I just can't wait for it to end, no matter how. Of course la jgk I want to pass it with flying colors which is kinda out of my reach rite now.

So tonite is the rest time. Tomorrow need to clean up my crops, study Quality Management paper since the day after tomorrow we will start on the analysis part. I really need to force myself. Wish me luck k! And yes, get well soon hana!