Friday, August 27, 2010

giving up? I don't think so...

Hi and salam.

Sitting here alone in my beloved ex-faculty (since I've changed my faculty recently) with the coldness from the rain just now, it's relaxing. Suddenly, my mind become clearer and all the problems that haunt me lately seems to have an answer after all. Just a little push to boost up my spirit and I know I can do it, I always do.

I'm someone who work better in tense since that it push me forward and forcing my brain to find a solution, a good one of course. Now, I have tonnes of reading, highlighting and critical thinking to do but I don't feel like I'm in mess and I have a good feeling that I can finish it on time and satisfy my supervisor with it. This is good, at least I can write my best and prepare myself for the defense of proposal after Raya.

Now, I'm full of spirit and positive thinking. That's how everything works out for me! And giving up is a big no for me.