Wednesday, December 16, 2009

contaminated moral of ours

I crossed one profile in FB and I recognize one person, used to be someone I know but guess she didn't remember me anymore. Is it a SHE or HE??? Well, guess what, I guess SHE prefer to be HE. And now, all I can say is, our moral value is falling down people!!!!

I prefer to say she coz she is a girl and stop saying that ""I'm a man trap in a girl's body. You're born girl, so stay being a girl la. God didn't make mistakes, we are, definitely she is. And her so called girlfriend or love of her life for eternity....yucks!!!! whose name should not being mentioned here, is as crazy as her. Go find some real guys la you GIRLS. 

I pray that one day she'll find the truth and return back to the right path coz she's a nice person, she looks very beautiful when she's wearing tudung and girl stuff...well, she does have a good look as guy also, but that's not the important thing. The important thing is you're a girl, always be one and please come back before you went far off ok......Amin.