Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Mr. Happy!!

I know that I've got a little, ok not a little but a lot of lovey dovey things. Tapi what to do kan, I can't tell it to him, so I only can write it out here. He didn't read, wouldn't,  even actually there's more people that read my blog than I thought.

Today is Valentine's Day but that has nothing to do with my post lately sebab Valentine means nothing, just a stupid celebration of so called love which the funny thing is people need a day to remember love. Dush! Love everyday la dei! to Mr. Robin for that~

Ok la, kna reduce dis lovey dovey things sbb aku plak yang geli karang. Heh....bukak ler fb my niece yang sorang ni, dia wat confession yg dah ade bf dr form 1. Aku kate la bdk2 skrang ni advance sgt padahal makcik dia ni darjah 2 g dah ade buah ati tau!! Yes, aku menang! Hahaha...cinta monyet, wat isi masa lapang, jadik part of out memories of growing up, that's normal.

Tapi my dear niece, Alya Sorfina, focus on your study ok, or not....your opah will get angry and you'll know what gonna happen then kn. Hahaha....sorry wan chor, I takde niat kutuk2 you, nak nasihat si Alya ni jerk. Tadi tulis kat fb si Alya mr. L.O.V.E...haha, xleh2, kna tukar nme len ler, geli plak.

Mr. Happy. Yes, that's what I would call him in this blog because he always makes me happy and he's a very happy guy. Poor Sarah, she need to face all of my craziness and confusion coz I'm in totally unstable mode. To Sarah, so sorry dear, you need to bear this but anyway, thanks for approving my craziness. Love Mr. Happy!!