Monday, January 4, 2010


Setelah lama tidak berblog, akhirnya aku kembali menaip di atas keyboard laptop aku yang dah berhabuk ni disebabkan lama tak bukak sebab tak dapat tenet sebab line streamyx bengong...see the connection???

So, to all, masih tidak terlambat untuk aku wish Happy New Year 2010! May this year is better than previous years. My 2009?? Ok I guess, a lot of things happen but I guess it finally turned up well. 

So pe azam tahun baru??? Azam kesayangan aku a.k.a my dad is still remain the same la kn. So, new resolution people??? Mine...ade la aku listkan kat bawah ni...yg aku bleh fikirkan..

- Look things on the bright side..positive people!! I want to be a positive person.

- Be a more responsible daughter, I promise to treat my parents way much better coz I love  them....who don't, rite??

- Be a more generous and soft-hearted big sister sbb my adik2 always complain that I'm stingy.

- Finish my final year project report ON TIME!!

- Finish all my hutang of fasting....A MUST!! How many days??? Don't ask...

- Get better result for this last semester, 4 flat can??? Why can't plak kan??

- Read more novels, I love book collection.

- Dedicated, self-discipline student.

- Spend my money wisely or at least less than last semester.

- Kurangkan kontroversi, tingkatkan prestasi.....Enough with cheap publicity.

- Stop making loans with Nini. In fact with anyone.

- If I'm pursuing my student, I wish I can study in Texas. If I'm working, I wish I have my own car. Starting beli Myvi sudah, pastu Honda Jazz baby!!

- I want to learn to cook western food besides Spaghetti Bolognaise.

- Reduce my selfishness level...I think I'm really selfish, but I've repent, swear!!!!

- Focus more on myself rather than thinking what people will think of me....I do what I want as long as nobody get hurts, that's fine enough.

- *Secret wish*

Yang lain tu malas nk di warnakan atau dibesarkan tulisan tp tetap penting.

So let see by the end of 2010, how many things dalam my list that I can cross off. Thanks to my long lost friend, Fariza for commenting and support my post. And credit to Hana for this pic.