Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm an Asmarian babeh!!!!


So what's there to talk about?? Certainly not some sensitive issue since bloggers had been watch closely nowadays due to some blogger who decide to use this space to keep their thoughts open which lead to the conclusion that it isn't such a good idea. Just write about your life la people, don't have to write all your creepy emotional overrated comment about things that are not supposed to be touched so publicly. So respect your country, ok??!!!!

I'm proud to be Asmarian!!!! beloved high school. Aku blajar kat situ dari form 1 sampai la form 5, tak pernah pun terpikir nak tukar sekolah lain, even pas PMR di mana semua pelajar2 sekolah menengah ni ada sindrom 'I-need-to-go-to-boarding-school-'. For me, boarding school is a big NO-NO. C'mon la, I've studied in a school which to me is close enough to my heart. Ok, no lying. I choose the school at the first place because it is the best daily school in Kedah, fame babeh!!! But after 5 years in the school, I realise that it is more than just a school, it is where all of us, students and teachers are family. I have friends who are absolutely out of this world, I have teachers who always pat my back and smile stating that how they believe in us, they want us to be someone once we're out, and I have a principal who hugged us and make us feel like we're more than just merely students.

Asma is part of me, all asmarians are the same, we feel highly for our school, we love it more than anything else, it is the best thing in our life. All ups and downs will remain in our memories where we always cherish it forever. We'll always come back to the school, sit down at the porch remembering every details  of our high school life vividly. Back down from the stress of big examination, to the all the reasons I give just to skip the 100meters, to seeing the band rehearsal to the last day we say goodbye to our school. So this post is dedicated to all my teachers in Asma, all my asmarians friends and all that related to it. We are what Asma is all about so carried out your school name girls, coz this school is best among the best like we all are~~!!!!!!

Satu lagi, to all my juniors please la work hard to maintain the school reputation, jangan asyik nak buang cikgu ja, apa hampa igt hampa tu bsq sgt ka? Dh cukup baguih ka takat buleh masuk? Jangan nak tumpang glamer ja tp hampa wat sekolah tu cam sampah, kalo tak, percaya la cakap aku ni, aku bwk senior2 ampa semua ni p tenyeh ja sekoq2. Susah cket dah hingaq, besa la blajaq kat mna2 pun susah la cik2 adik jadi kalo dh dapat offer g asma tu, toksah dok berlagak na, kalo ampa dapat 8A utk PMR, straight A1 dlm SPM pun, tu bnda besa ja dalam sekolah tu jadi hampa semua toksah duk besaq kepala rasa dah hebat sangat, ok!!!! Ni kes geram ngan junior2 kat asma yg wat bantahan buang cikgu english yg ajar aku dr form 1 sampai form 5. Cis pya bdk2, ngan orang tua tu pun nak takut, dia ajar english je maa, jgn la wat dia cmtu.....Hoh!!!!

This post is not underestimating any school or any students from other school or boarding school just that the Asma patriot spirit is highly in me so I just love my school so much and no offense ok.....xoxo