Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nothing more entertaining like Another Boring Monday

Hi all....

Today is like damn boring day, as Sarah and I would say, it is Another Boring Monday. Ring a bell, Sarah?? Of course la kn, not a bell but many bells. History is never a favourite subject for me. Let past remains a memory, the one meant to be forgotten. Hey, but knowing super cute guy is like sweet memories, being fooled by them is like &*$#@&@!!!!!! Ok enough of that.

I keep typing like many times and delete it, decided not to post it, it was like ARGHH!!!! Blogging without nothing in mind is like an author without an idea. Woooo....kinda bombastic. I'm no author. I hate doing essay, I hate writing, I have ideas but I hate to put it into words. Wish people can read it directly from my mind. How cool is that, right? But, read the idea sections only, OK??? Others are private and confidential...hehe. Everyone has dark secrets, something not meant to be known. I'm no angel, not are we all.

Can't wait to try the new stuff that I bought. And last but not least, I wanna buy a guitar. Learn it by myself. That is because I don't have enough money to take on music classes but I think I can learn it on my own. And after that I can play my favourite song, More Than great is that!!!!

After that, Blind by Lifehouse, and A7X songs!!!! Ok, not A7X, Syngates is like too good and it will take me years in fact too many years to play like him. He's cool, he's great, love you Syn!!!

Love you Syn!!!!

And oh yes, my condolence to A7X and The Rev's family. The Rev, you make great songs and it is a great loss to Avenged Sevenfold and fans like us. R.I.P Jimmy.