Sunday, September 19, 2010

New wishlist

Salam and hi.

Writing from Shah Alam...hmmm, after 6hoursof long drive from Alor Star, trus g ngajar tuisyen kat USJ. Balik dalam pukul 6setengah, singgah umah my cousin, antar ikan pekasam yg my aunt order kat my mum. Dia ajak g Damansara esok g birthday celebration of my cousin's son plus my other cousin. Ok je, makan free. Pastu trus g SACC g mkn kat my fave place, order the same menu. Went to Watson's bought some really need emergency things, g MPH bought CLEO just to flip through and CD store to fing my fave Japanese drama tapi xde. Satu lg, g Secret Recipe and got Chocolote Indulgence and Marble Cheesecake, syg my fave New York Cheesecake dah abis. Tiring? Nah....not really.

Just flip through CLEO td and surf the net and I decide I want this:

The price is under 100k, with all the package it offer, it worth it!

The bottle is so perfect! I love floral~

Is it really bad that I love pink? Gosh!

The later 2 tu boleh la beli dalam masa terdekat ni pas dapat elaun, tapi yang first tu rasanya nak kena keje bapa lama baru leh beli. Takpe2, keje 2 bln je dah boleh wat loan pe, boleh la tu. Dream keeps us motivated, yeah! And yes, I have a plan to change my life, and I hope it works. Plan pe? Nnt la I story, pas dah berjaya nnt k, kalo x....phm2 je la ye.

Dah ckup mengarut. Off to bed. Bye!