Sunday, November 8, 2009

This Is It!!!!!

bru blk tgk wayang ngan didi....tgk Micheal Jackson, This Is It~~

rating aku nk bg....3.5 dr 5 la, tp actualy not fair to judge it pun sbb tu bkn movie tp dia pya recording rehearsal for concert at O2 London yg xjd sbb dia "can't make it"....

Aku rasa peminat MJ will love it, aku ni bkn peminat dia pun. Tp tau la beberapa lagu dia yg femes, cm Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean...and lagu yg aku tau bila dia dh xde, You're Not Alone. Aku rasa personally, he's one great performer, dia respect all people xkesah la ko sape, he knows his song very well, even d slightest beat of it. Well that's something great because sesetengah penyanyi tu doesn't even recognize their own songs. 

Satu lagi, aku rasa kalo konsert tu jadi, it will be one awesome concert coz preparation utk concert tu mmg best la. All d dancers, live music, not forgetting all the techie stuff prepared for all the songs. The best one aku rasa ialah for lagu Smooth Criminal, d idea for the song is brilliant...stage preparation yg extremely great, all in all, great support from everybody involve and you have one great singer....that concert supposed to be one memory you can't forget. And yeah, put aside all the scandal stuffs...

Micheal or Mikail, you're still a legend in music~~

To MJ....I'm not ur fan apparently not because you're not great, but it just that the genre is different, but apart from that I still think you're one great performer. And yeah, the case whether you're a Muslim or not is still a question. Almighty knows what we do not know.....

My recommendation to all MJ fans, this is something you should go and watch~~!!!!