Sunday, November 8, 2009

me and myself

smalam before I went to sleep, ade something yg cross my mind.....

I'm a girl yg xsuka be alone, aku xsuka sunyi, xsuka sepi, and yes, everything I do, I want to have others beside me. I won't go out alone, even nk prgi beli groceries, or nk g mkn. Org slalu kata, you've already grown up, kna blajar independent. Tp independent doesn't mean I have to be alone kn. Because when I'm alone, I have this feeling that I can't describe but it always there, come out when I'm by myself. People said I'm spoil but that's me, I can't change it. 

I love my friends, they're my everything after my family. I want to have someone when I laugh, when I cry, when I feel down, when I fall, when I failed myself. Sometimes I don't need them to say anything, just be beside me and I'm fine. I hate loneliness and emptiness. Some of my friends are very different from me, but I'm not saying anything, it's just that it's them. They have their own reason, just like me. There's nothing wrong with it.

Like I said, people have their own way dealing with life. And for me, I always want to have others with me. Just be beside me, I'm contented. I won't force them to follow my way because they have their own life and I understand that. I'm happy with who I am now, I'm not gonna ask for more.....