Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marry me Juliet....only in your dream, stupid Juliet~

thinking of blogging rite now but I certainly got nothing to write about~~

now.....I miss my mum and dad so bad, I miss him so much but for sure I can't said it, I miss my bestie so much~~

ah yes~~!!!! just remember one thing......I want to share my thought on obsession (in term of girl guy relationship of coz)

I guess love is always become a popular topic everywhere, anytime by anyone....

There's a girl who is obsessed with my friend's ex... Nk blame the girl alone pun ssh sbb my friend pun ckp yg ex dia tu sweet talk kinda guy, mybe he didn't mean anything but girl certainly can fall for him. aku pya story la plak, except for that obsessed part. Aku phm mmg ssh kalo dh suka kat sweet talker ni but c'mon la, reality is....think bout urself first~~ 

And for one of my own friend....I surely sometimes get sick just by looking at her status and so on, it seems like her life is only about love, love and love. Senang la nk ckp dat "my love for him is true" tp plz la, how can you be sure of that. That's what we called "being blinded by love".....hello miss, dun be so sentimental la, greatest love is an untold story you know~~~ and yours is not one of it. Stop teling the whole world how much you hurt, how much you love him.... You just make urself look pathetic, weak and useless and I hate that kind of girl. Your life has just begin and there's a lot thing you need to go through. Stop all of this nonsense on "he's my happiness, my everything".......coz that only makes you look SUX and I'm sick of that~~!!!!!!

Btw....u're just in your early twenties....there's a lot of possibilities you didn't end up with him pun, and if dat happen, what do you plan to do???? kill urself to prove that you really love him...oh great....modern type romeo and juliet legend ~~!!!! What do you expect??? "Oh, she's one true lover" to my hand la.... ur romeo wouldn't drink the poison for you coz now, there's thousand of another juliet waiting for him while you rotten under the earth, waiting to go to hell coz u killed urself....+_+

yeah...that's kind of life I wanna lead....NAH~~!!!!!!!!