Thursday, August 6, 2009

my life is always.........topsy turvy!!!!!!!!!!

i'm is so much complicated now, things didn't go the way I want it to be, actually....things always didn't go the way we want it to be coz dat's how life works. There's so much things running at the same times till i feel dat it's hard for me to find space to breathe. For my love story, it finish here, things happen and change everything and i'm glad i know it. Things in class was so messy, with all d subject that i find hard to go along with. I dun really care wat people think of me but sometimes knowing their thought is so painful than i thought it will be. Yeah, i'm no good, i admit that but at least i'm not a hypocrite and i take responsibilties for my words, differs with some people who seems only know how to be a liar. My love story is a disaster, my study, pest management test tomorrow...seems so complicated, my project....i'm blank. What else there to talk bout now........i'm a dead meat!!!