Friday, August 7, 2009

::.....this is how life works.....::

today is one hard day....first, I've got ipm test early in d morning, I didn't do well coz obviously I didn't study enough like always and then I found out dat i left 4 question unanswered coz I didn't turn over the paper. Silly mistakes dat I always do in my life, well I guess things already happen, what else there left for me to regret, rite?....okay, I already forget bout dat.
Next thing is, I fall down the stairs in the lecture hall, I got up quickly and really don't wanna know how many person saw dat incident. But it's okay...c'mon who in d world never fall off rite, it's embarassing of course but it's no big deal.
Okay, the third thing and the most fearsome one is the proposal. I just found out dat I need to present mine on 28th of AUGUST....that means this month!!!! I'm a dead meat, my progress is not even 5%. I can't face my supervisor now coz I'm really embarassed with him and coz I don't have anything to show him plus I'm super tense rite now.....really sorry prof!!
I know where I did wrong, I always take things lightly, take things for granted...and I thing the biggest mistakes that I do is I forget about my Almighty creator. I'm just a servant but when things work well for me I start to forget bout Him. I'm no good servant, I lied a lot, I hurt my parents feeling, I take my friends for granted and so much more but now I really regret it and i want to seek for everybody's forgiveness especially my Almighty creator and I hope my repent is accepted coz I really wanna be a new me....
But now I want to start over, organise things back in place, push myself to the limit and work extra hard to catch up with everything to make sure my life is back on track......wish me luck and I really need strength to do this, pray the best for me mum, love you always...~