Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i love you....mum...

mum....dun you amazed by dis person?? seriously....i respect a woman with such enthusiasm, being a woman, a mother, a wife certainly not an easy job. I d think i'm able to juggle my time like my mum did so i do respect her a lot...she did not go to college or highly educated but she definitely understands life more than any other person i noe...she's my mother, my beloved mother and i thank god i have her now when i really need her. Sometimes we think dat we're big enough and can live independently but i realise i'm not like dat yet coz i still cry to my mum when i'm sick, when i'm stress....i need her to tell me that everything will be fine and i believe dat and things will seem a lot better after that. she knew when i need her, when i'm sad eventhough i didn't say anything...well, ppl called dat the maternal instinct. Well i guess i only understand it once i have my own kids later and i hope i'll be a good mother and wife juz like my you mum sooo're simply d best and i really thank god that you are my mother...(",)