Sunday, February 8, 2009


is it worth to dedicate your life to someone who doesn't seem to understand you? i ask that question to myself and i guess my answer would be nope...but for some ppl it is not that simple to make such decision.. i talk to my best fren last nite when she told me bout what had happen and how she's so dissapointed with her partner...i noe dis guy from her, when she first told me that she's kinda close with him and he propose to her to be more than juz fren and unbelieavably she said 'yes'...i noe her and i said at first, dun attach urself with him, becoz it wouldn't last long but after some times, i think maybe she will prove me wrong and things can actually work well.. love ppl for who they are, that is d problem here...when you try to mould your partner back to d person you want her to be, conflict of interest will true to urself, the question here is do you really LOVE your partner and willing to accept him/her as they are? do you willing to tolerate and understand them? my advise, think before you act, dun regret it later coz 'there's nothing great bout being in a relationship, if you're not happy with it'