Friday, February 27, 2009

fall for you....

i'm scared of falling in love, to care bout someone....he makes me do that, slowly, since when...i dun noe...d question now can i keep allowing myself to care bout dis guy..what inside of him that makes me so interested in him, i love his smile, i just love looking at him...i wanna set a distance between us but i dun think i can do dat..u noe how it feels when the thing is soo close but yet it seems so hard 4 u to get it, dat's what i feel......his silence is killing me, he smile covers something, something dat he hide from me, d burden that he carries, i wanna share dat with him, to be beside him when he's in trouble but i can't do dat....dear god, if u listen to me, plz help him during dis period coz i can't be there 4 him, he needs somone and i need him...~