Wednesday, October 21, 2009

After love

I thought you were my love
I thought you were my everything
I believed that you would be my last love

I laughed only for you
I lived only for you
I believed in your love and that it was happiness

It's all lies. All lies
Your love for me was all lies
You've hurt me so
You left me crying

You said you'll love only me, protect only me
Your love was all lies
You took away my heart and my love
and leaving me was love

Being loved by one person
Giving love to one person
I foolishly believed that person would be you

Just in case you came back, back to me
I can't love again
Even though you hurt me, and saddened me
I'm waiting only for you

Its all lies, All lies
Our separation was all a lie
Because you are my love, my all
I'm waiting only for you

Did I ever get over you? The truth is I don't know....

Pehal lak nk wat ayat2 sedey ni, ptt nya ari ni ari lovey dovey..hehe...

I'm fine, I'm happy.....=)
Sleepy la plak...~~