Monday, September 14, 2009

respect yourself

a lot of things happen, because of me and my housemate once decide to go against the change what people always do, their culture. I'm not perfect nor smart to judge people at least I know what is wrong and right.

People need to learn that good things doesn't come easily, the effort that you put in is worth everything in the end. It's one battle that I don't think I can win, but I must spread the words. People can said anything to me, I make mistakes, I do and I admit it, I never meant it the bad way but if the people are hurt by that, then I owe them an apology, rite????

I can do that, but I'll never gonna change my principle, not for anyone. This is something I think people need to think about, revise themselves back. In life, we never get things easily, easy way are not worth it. Sometimes you need to learn to live hard, then you'll value the meaning of success on your effort. Maybe you will not succeed but at least you'll know in the end that you've being doing the rite thing. It worth everything, being honest to yourself, respect yourself.

Grade is not everything but the most important thing is the knowledge that you obtained, it means a lot, something that you can never buy. Taking the easy way out is actually underestimate yourself of your own capability. People are born with different capability, that is absolutely true but God never being unfair to anyone. Everyone has their own advantage and weakness, work on your weakness to improve yourself, use your advantages to make something good not only for you but also for other people. This is me, I'm loud, I can't stand when people being unfair and cheat themselves, yes it didn't effect me but it's kinda sad to see your friends continuosly doing something that will eventually damage themselves.

This is not a big issue, that's what people said and think but we always take this little things for granted. Learn to be true to yourself and you'll never regret it. People make mistakes and so am I. It's not how many mistakes are count but the change is what matters the most. We are left behind because of this culture, people look down on us but why we still doing it??? It's easy, because we never want to go out from our comfort zone, work the harder way rather than have it all the shortcut style. Tell it in front of yourself, is this what you want??

Are you really proud of what you're doing??? Failure is never a stop, it's the beginning of new hope. Stop lying to yourself, learn that it''s ok to fail, you're learning. I have failed in my life but I never give up on myself and I keep going on, and work hard until now, this is me, what I'm capable of doing and I know I can always do better, not to compete with anyone but for myself.

I'm sorry for my mistakes but please think about it carefully, if you don't agree with me then it's fine, you can do what you want in your life but please, you yourself deserves better than what you're doing rite now~